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Formal, Legitimate, Expert, Referent or Coercive? - All listed as different sources of power, but see we here, at Thirty Six Seven have discovered a new source of power that the science masses haven’t yet & it’s named Trav!

This young Long Island, New York diplomat has been giving the game all of his power & then some on his uprise to producer stardom - being dedicated to his craft, as it's one of the only things he truly puts all his focus & motivation on!

Starting his emergence in production around 2018, Trav has been able to tie his name in with some heavy hitting established artist along the lines of Bobby Shmurda, Bando, Cochise, Chow Lee, Sha Ek, Shawny Binladen, LouGotCash, 2Rare, Pasto Flocco, Cash Cobain, 917 Rackz, Big Yaya, Sheemy, Mula Gz, Melly Migo, Slimesito, 1600J, Rockgang Dah, Bugszy Citglo, Dee Aura, Melly Bandz, Four50, Lil NZA, Big GLTAOW, Lil Rekk BDot Goon & Many more - plus the endless substantial amount of entities who use the non -profit beats that Trav put’s out on his YouTube channel daily!


Racking up close to around 6,500,000 streams / views platform wide on anything involving his name - self or co produced, also including music videos & the instrumentals posted on his channel - bringing in 600,000 out of the 6,500,000 alone, not to mention most of the buzzing numbers aren't under his accounts so they don't appear in his graphs! - Trav could touch a million + on YouTube easily!

Currently having about 4,227 Instagram Followers with 604 Soundcloud Followers, 2.4k subscribers on his YouTube channel - 13,417 monthly listener's from his Spotify page, about 11 official released singles under his name currently on all streaming platforms, alongside a numerous amount of instrumentals you can find that are non profit & buyable - this young producer is paving his way in the game early & leaving anybody who isn't on the wave behind!

I got the opportunity to learn more about Trav & his journey as a producer through these past couple years. Check out our interview below & make sure to follow Trav on all platforms, links will be automated to the clickables below! - we appreciate Trav for his patience during the conduction of this article - he took the time to give people a different side of him & things like this will take him far.. because its more behind the beat!




Thirty Six Seven: “Iight boom let’s start off with how old are you & where you from or what state you represent my boy?”

PoWR Trav: “I’m 18 yrs old from Long Island New York , & I'm going be one of the niggas who put’s Long Island on the map word to bro.”

Thirty Six Seven: "You cool with TBlossom? he from Li too & we locked in with him not to long ago! - so when did you start producing & how did you get into it?”

PoWR Trav: “Yeah i met Ty I think around late 2019 maybe & he’s been one of my favorite producers ever since - but I started making beats around mid 2018 because I was bored as shit one day & had the software already downloaded."

"My mother had given it to me as a Christmas gift the year before, but I didn’t touch it at all during that year.. fast forward & I decide to create my first beat.. it’s funny because the beat was ass but I have 600,000 view on YouTube now so i guess people are enjoying them.”

Thirty Six Seven: “How did you get your stage name “PoWR Trav” & where did your production tag come along? “PoWR Up?”

PoWR Trav: “Ok so boom - niggas already had a close friends group & we called ourselves “PoWR” so that’s just always been our thing .. it was already established, so I just put PoWR & the first part of my name together.”

“As far as the tag coming along - I just thought of it during a random working moment.. I was in my room just cooking up beats like I normally do & thought about this tag .. I was just thinking & I was like... “PoWR up”

“I instantly jacked it but I didn’t like the way I was saying it myself .. or my voice I don’t know which one - so I copped the vocals from some website but i can’t remember the name of it, then they put they own effects & everything else - that’s been the tag ever since”

Thirty Six Seven: “Do you remember your first big placement? If so what was the year / who was the artist & what was the song?”

PoWR Trav: “Well to be honest i would say my first major placement was Shawny Binladen - around 2020 when he was really starting to get some shine. I was on his album “Shawn Wick” & that was the tape that changed the whole sound of drill in my opinion.”



“I produced the Intro (Fruntz) using a old OST sample, I co - produced “Still Moving Tact” with my son Chopstar! & I also produced the track “Dudley Brothers” that was on there as well!"



Cash Cobain changed the whole entire drill sound with “Ninehunnit 50 Barz, Pt.3 from the album “Shawn Wick” - niggas don’t know about that though.. they just now coming around. Shawny started Sample Drill & niggas been there since the beginning!”


Thirty Six Seven: “What has been your hardest obstacle to overcome in the journey to becoming a credible producer?“

PoWR Trav: “My biggest obstacle has definitely been involved with staying motivated, because there would be many times where I would see myself just wanting to quit.”

“For many different reason as far as maybe the money isn’t coming in good that month or maybe nobody is liking / using the art that I’ve created - but see the thing is you just can’t wait until your motivated. You got to push yourself everyday & that’s how u can become credible - that & consistency.”

Thirty Six Seven: “What has been your favorite part of this journey you are on as a producer?”

PoWR Trav: “My favorite part I would say besides the money of course, - but the feeling of finding out an artist used one of my beats - there are so any talented people in this world & I love it!”

Thirty Six Seven: “What has been your favorite track that you were involved in or produced so far? Any specials ones to you?”


PoWR Trav: “My favorite released track is either “OD” by Chow Lee or “Yellow Beaucoup” by Shawny Binladen & Big Yaya - it's a tough one."


“Kid Cudi” by Pasto Flocco & “One Blood” by Slimesito are also honorable mentions - those are like 4 of my favorite beats that I’ve ever curated & have been used, There’s a lot of them but those are what come to mind first in response to that question.”



Thirty Six Seven: “Who are some of your musical influences? Producer & artist wise? Anybody you look up to?”

PoWR Trav: “I would have to say Lil Uzi Vert is one of my heavy influencers. He’s been my favorite artist since I don’t even know what like 2015! - also Metro Boomin & Southside to name a couple of other influences on the production side of things.”

“Uzi & 808Melo influenced me to start making music to be honest - & i can’t forget to mention Pierre Bourne because pretty soon i will start rapping on my own beats, I just don’t know when yet!”

Thirty Six Seven: “Who are some artist that you haven’t worked with yet? & would like too? Or even producers you would like to collaborate with?”

PoWR Trav: “I’m really trying to work with some more Bronx artists to be real with you - as far as Setty, Dougie, Nas Ebk & Etc. - but it’s so many niggas is locked up it’s sad.”

“I won’t be able to work with niggas like Dthang or Lee Drilly - Oh & I’m really trying to get myself in the underground scene as well ; like Yeat & Autumn. I’m trying to work in that realm too, shit would be a major blessing.”

“To Mention some producers I would love to work with of course 808 Melo & ATL Jacob - also me & WhereIs22 have lock back in real soon!”

Thirty Six Seven: “What is one thing you dislike about the production game? Anything you aren’t fond of or aren’t interested in doing?”

PoWR Trav: “ I don’t like the fact that these artists can get away with not paying us or even having a problem with sending us the tracks back .. it’s what really gets me tight the most about this shit.”

“Some but not all artist think they above us.. a upper echelon.. but without a beat, there is no artist or art! - niggas just be broke dick suckers trying to get a name & leave out the main piece to the puzzle."

Thirty Six Seven: “What is your end game bro? What are you trying to do in the industry? with you being so young & still having so much to experience - what do you want to be known for?”

PoWR Trav: “Man I’m just trying to get my foot in every part of field during this game I’m in .. & take over everything & everybody - I want to be known for being the one & only PoWR Trav! #SIMPLE

Thirty Six Seven: “When you aren’t making beats what other project do you venture in gang? what else do you do?”

PoWR Trav: “I ain’t even going to lie I just be making beats for real.. trying to perfect my craft bro so i maintain all my focus on the art - i mean i play ball & shit like that but just mainly focused on music, but shit I’m a great photographer on the low 🤣.”

Thirty Six Seven: “Are you working on any project at the moment bro? any singles or tapes being released soon? What have you been doing?”

PoWR Trav: “Yeah most definitely - I’m currently working on a tape right now, its going to have all the guys on it ; I might drop it around August!”




P O W R T R AV !

Be sure to follow Trav on all platforms & follow his journey. We appreciate him for taking the time to let us know more about himself & his upcoming path as a legendary producer!


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