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Define Blossom : a peak period or stage of growth, also telegraphed as to come into one's own in development, to become evident or to make an appearance. All words that can be used to describe this Long Island born curator - so the name is a prefect fit! ; 22 year old musical producer TBlossom has been making a name for himself behind the scenes as one of the top producers rising from the city in only a short amount of time.

Acquiring around over 3,000,000+ streams / views platform wide Ty has only been nothing less than consistent on his rise to producer stardom. With his determination & a passion for what he does its been everything and then in terms of positive outlooks for this young star! .


Staring around 2016 using a online program at the time named “Soundtap” TBlossom has been on a non stop hustle these past 6 years building a heavy hitter production portfolio among the likes of Shawny Binladen, Big Yaya, Four50, Big GLTAOW, Melly Migo, Grinchn’4$, Chow Lee, 1600J, YungPhil, 10Cellphones, Dee Aura, Esparo, Rich Nunu, The late Supa Gates, DTB Chris, 917 Rackz, Don Swindle, Kyle Richh, Izzy Loc, YN Que, Blockwork, Corey St. Rose, 22Gz, YN Jay & many more!

Ty also has a YouTube account where he regularly post non profit beats for his supporters to use, having around 663 uploaded videos & 4,320 + subscribers at the time we posted this article! - his workaholic mindset has given him access to network with countless entities, weather it’s in the production or a engineering playing field.

I got the opportunity to learn more about Ty & his journey as a producer through these past couple years. Check out our interview below & make sure to follow Ty on all platforms, links will be automated to the clickables below!.




Thirty Six Seven: “Ok so let’s kick this off with the general question of how old are you & where you from gang?”

TBlossom: “So I’m 22 & I’m from Long Island, New York!”

Thirty Six Seven: “Word young island native: iight so when did you start producing & how did you get into it?”

TBlossom: “I started producing about 3 years ago because at the time I was shooting music videos with my homeboys & we actually needed beats for the songs we were trying to create & shoot. So I decided to try & make one, there was some online program out called Soundtap around then so I downloaded it.”

Thirty Six Seven: “How did you get your stage name “Tblossom?”

Tblossom: ”It really came about from some old nickname in middle school type shit, I think it was my clash of clans name."

Thirty Six Seven: “ TY BOP NO TY! - Where did your production tag come along?"

TBlossom: “Ty Bop No Ty came from my brother Chino. At the time that shit made no sense but when I heard it I loved it off the rip. He also passed away this year which makes the tag even more meaningful to me. #LongLiveChino.”


Thirty Six Seven: “What was your first major placement? , do your remember the song or who the artist was?.”

TBlossom: ”I Honestly I feel like to this day I only have a handful of big placements for real. I kind of made a name off independent & smaller artists & just building my name from the ground up on my own. I see a lot of producers that just shoot for the big placements & then don’t really make a name for themselves independently so I never really wanted to do it like that.

Obviously I got placements that I personally consider really big like 22gz & YN Jay, but I feel like those bigger placements are still on the way for me & until then I’m just gonna keep building from the bottom up.”

Thirty Six Seven: “As a New York native , what’s your opinion on the current music scene?”

Tblossom: “The New York music scene is probably the best it’s been in a very long time. It’s really unfortunate though, that so many rappers are locked up right now, because if they were free the drill scene would be global in my opinion“.


Thirty Six Seven: “Who are some artist you haven’t locked in with yet & want too?”

Tblossom: ”. As far as the drill scene, I would love to lock in with Sha Ek or Kyle Richh & as far as bigger name artists I would love to work with G Herbo or J Cole or even do some R&B music with Chris Brown & Brent Faiyaz.”

Thirty Six Seven: "What’s your favorite piece of work you have done or were involved with so far?."

Tblossom: “Personally I love “Sleep Walking”

with Shawny Binladen, that beat is so different to me because that sample is mad nostalgic to me.

I also really love “Bentley Revenge” by Supa Gates or “Gotta Get It” by Dee Aura. & of course the tapes I have on my own page I love, like Chow Blossom or the one I got coming soon with my boy Mo, & anything me & Pappy Chino did together was always a hit. There’s too many to choose a

favorite lol.”

Thirty Six Seven: “In your own opinion , what’s the hardest part of being a producer?.”

Tblossom: “I think the hardest part about being a producer is just constantly trying to one up yourself. Some days it can be hard to be creative so it really helps to get new ideas & inspirations from other types of music.

It’s so important to study, which is why I feel like sample drill producers are all the best producers. They spend hours studying drill drum patterns & Brazilian samples so they can chop it all together - nobody else doing it like New York producers bro!.

Thirty Six Seven: “What other ventures do you partake in when you aren’t making beats?.”

Tblossom: “When I’m not making beats I work on setting up speakers & live audio for big events which is kind of similar to making beats but on a technical scale.

I also record people sometimes as well as sound Design Film, Tv & Theatre shows. Other than that I like to read & see my friends & family as much as I can.


”Ousalah Aleem - He wrote a fire book about the music industry. He was made in Tokyo manager when he blew up & he spit a lot of game about the industry”

Thirty Six Seven: “What do you want to be known for, who is TBlossom? what are you trying to do?”

Tblossom: “ I think I just want to be known for bringing something different to the game. Anybody can make a hard beat but I wanna make people really feel something when they hear my music.

I also love making friends via this shit, everyone that I’ve met in this game has been super cool to me & really nice people, so it goes even deeper than music with a lot of people I work with!.”

Thirty Six Seven: “A message to the people , something inspirational or a word of advice?.”

Tblossom: “ For any young producers trying to get started in this game - work hard & treat people with respect. Those two qualities will bring you further in this game than natural talent , & don’t take this shit too serious

It’s not like we’re doing brain surgery where one wrong move can be extremely harmful. It’s just making beats! Don’t be afraid to make a wrong move - chances are if you make enough wrong moves you’ll wind up doing something so right that it erases everything else.






Be sure to follow TBlossom on all platforms & follow his journey. We appreciate him for taking the time to let us know more about himself & his upcoming path as a producer phenom!


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