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With all the rising talent steadily emerging from New York on a every day basis im to no surprise that this Queens native is making some heavy noise in the production game. Starting his evolution as the moniker “Yung Dave” the now well known Caleb has locked in with the likes of many talented rap curators such as Shawny Binladen & the whole YTB Collective (Big Yaya, Four50, Melly Migo & Big GLTAOW), Tae Retro, YungPhil, Pasto Flocco, Slimesito, Rx Papi, Rockgang Dah, Lil NZA, Lil Xelly, Warhol, Chow Lee & many more PLUS the countless amount of people who use the non profit beats he posts on his page via YouTube - this talented Saint Albans raised producer’s only destination is to the top of the charts!



Taking his craft in production seriously around 2016 Caleb has already racked up an impressive number of close to around 3,000,000+ streams / views platform wide & his number continue to grow rapidly every second , currently having 975 uploaded YouTube videos with 7,250 + subscribers at the time this article is published! - alongside 3,010 Instagram Followers, 526 Soundcloud Followers & Tons of instrumental tapes incorporating different producers!

We had already built a strong connection with Caleb through musical workings but we didn’t really know much about him besides the fact that he is a VERY talented curator with little to no discography of his career on any search engine platforms , knowing & seeing this we hit up Caleb & took some time to chop it up & get a little background knowledge we think supporters would like to know about him.

From engineering, production, to camera work Caleb is a multi talented individual who should be acknowledged as such, my guy is to humble man! - reading his responses to my questions really made me enjoy typing this piece about him.

I got the opportunity to learn more about Caleb & his journey as a producer through these past couple years. Check out our interview below & make sure to follow Caleb on all platforms, links will be automated to the tabs & images below!




Thirty Six Seven: “How old are you & where you from or what state you represent my boy?"

CottonCandyCaleb: “I’m 23 , born & raised in Saint Albans Queens, NY”

Thirty Six Seven: “So around what time did you start producing & what made you really get into it?”

CottonCandyCaleb: “Around 2016 is when I started to take my craft more seriously! Before I became a producer I was actually a rapper under the name “Yung Dave”. I would go on YouTube & freestyle over old MF DOOM, Madlib or Tyler the Creator beats. I really enjoyed how Tyler the Creator, MF DOOM & Madlib just play with these sounds & samples to create something new & beautiful.."

"I decided to teach myself how to use FL Studio so I could make beats for myself instead of going on YouTube for beats. After a while people started to recognize me more for the beats than my songs so I dropped rapping all together & strictly started focusing on making beats”

Thirty Six Seven: “Do you remember your first big record? If so what was the year / who was the artist & what was the song?”

CottonCandyCaleb: "My first big placement that was officially released was a song I produced for my boy PainGalore4L & Black Kray aka SickboyRari in 2019. forever grateful for the opportunity that my friend gave me."

Thirty Six Seven: "What’s your opinion on the current New York music scene?"

CottonCandyCaleb: “I personally think that New York as a whole needs to start working together more. I'm honestly tired of the Burroughs trying to outshine each other. I just wish there was more unity, I just want to find a way to use music to bring everyone together”

Thirty Six Seven: “Can you name a few artist you have in your listening rotation currently?”

CottonCandyCaleb: “Lately I've been listening to Zay Ø, Chow Lee, Four50, Breash, YungPhil, & Lunchbox, I've also been listening to a lot of jazz!"


”If You’re having trouble with melodies listen to jazz, it’s a improvisational genre so it's sauce all over you just got to catch it. A couple of recommendations : Bob James, Ryo Fukui, Badbadnotgood, Domi, JD Beck, & Yuji Ohno”

Thirty Six Seven: “Do you have a favorite piece of music that you produced or we’re involved in?”

CottonCandyCaleb: “My favorite song that i got to be a part of has to be “Hate it /Love” it by Dee Aura. I witnessed the whole process, from the creation of the beat all the way to me engineering the session with Dee Aura himself.”

“The way the song came to be was pretty cool. It started with a producer session at this studio on Hillside called "The 9", this is where i go to cook up with other local producers like @stronghold._, @producedbyak47, @y3tga , @chubbyelhefe, & @keem61. During one of our sessions TGA pulled up on us to collaborate on a couple of beats; the craziest beat that stood out to me that day was the beat for "Hate it / Love it" which at the time was called "Garden." It was a collaboration between y3tga & kdwitdablock.”

“TGA was probably the last producer to arrive at the session, but as soon as he stepped in we sat him down in front of KD's laptop, & he got to work. KD had opened up FL Studio & pulled up a sample that he was working on that he wanted TGA to finish.”

“The sample he chose was Quincy Jones - “The Secret Garden”. During the whole cook-up, I was sitting there in awe, just listening to all the pieces come together. Fast forward to a couple weeks, Y3TGA hits me up because he's looking for a studio to do a session with Dee Aura. I responded & told him I have a nice little spot in Ridgewood we could record at & I would be able to engineer the session for him. On the day of the session Y3tga, Dee Aura, me, & a few other producers came together & made a couple of hits that night.”

“When the session officially started, we decided to go through the beats we had prepared for the day; we recorded on a few of my labs that day, but the beat that had everyone going crazy was the "Garden" beat. Even when I was recording Dee, I would catch myself rapping along to the song when we played it back

“*we all knew the lyrics by heart because of all the takes & punching in he had to do*”

Thirty Six Seven: “Can you tell us some artist you would like to tap in with & haven’t yet?”

CottonCandyCaleb: “A couple of artist that I want to seriously lock in with are Tisa Korean, Big GLTAOW, SSGKobe, YvngxChris, Kay Flock, 917rackz , SkaiWater, Corey Lingo, Based Tj, Tony Shhnow, & YungPhil”

Thirty Six Seven: “What other ventures do you dabble in when you aren’t doing any production work?”

CottonCandyCaleb: “Outside of music production, I've been dabbling with photography & videography. I bought a 360 camera awhile back & I've been exploring NYC with it! I even recorded a whole music video to a song I produced & engineered for my boy @paingalore4L *coming out soon* , I also started teaching myself how to use blender.”

“I always wanted to create low poly animations just like the ones you would see on a PS1, plus I want to start creating visualizers for future personal projects.”


Thirty Six Seven: “What keeps you motivated to wake up & work on anything you do in life weather it’s the camera or the laptop?“

CottonCandyCaleb: “Every day I wake up & think about all the doors i can open & opportunities I can create with my music. Having the opportunity to help evolve the sound in my community is what keeps me going, a lot of my close producer friends can tell you."

"I would be up at 4:00 am sending out some type of weird samples or run some ideas on different genre combinations. I remember one night I sent @2tblossom a polka sample I was chopping up; I know he was looking at that email crazy because who’s really expecting something like that at 3:00 am 😂. It’s crazy but stuff like that really helps with the process of creating new music. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone & don’t be afraid to fail once in a while."

Thirty Six Seven: “Any upcoming projects or singles in the middle of this 2022 year before the new season approaches?”

CottonCandyCaleb::“I do have a couple projects on the way! - I’m currently working on the second edition on my Juxtaposition mix. It’s basically me flipping aggressive songs into smooth R&B / Jazz songs, I don't know how but it just works out every time. Lowkey wish rappers would starts getting on Keith Sweat type beats 😭”

“I Also have a tape on the way! More detail on that will be revealed later. Still putting the pieces together, I do plan on using what I've learned lately for my project”

Thirty Six Seven: “what’s your favorite pizza spot?”

CottonCandyCaleb “My favorite pizza spot currently is Due Fratelli’s Pizza in Brooklyn, I probably go there every week. I usually just call them and pick up my order over there 😭”

Thirty Six Seven: “What do you usually order when getting pizza?”

CottonCandyCaleb: “A Cheese Slice with some Garlic Knots”

Thirty Six Seven: “a word of advice / motivation to the people watching or reading this!

CottonCandyCaleb: “My last bit of advice is to be patient. Things aren't just going to happen overnight, just stay for & keep working.”




Be sure to follow Caleb on all platforms & follow his journey. We truly appreciate him for taking the time to let us know more about himself & his upcoming path as a rising producer / camera man. As preciously stated this is definitely our favorite article thus far.

Caleb gave us the perfect structure for this article & he didn’t hold back on any questions asked. With him having no discography i hope this article opens more eyes for platforms to make notice of my guy for more than just his production work. He is the pigment of true artistry dialogue.



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