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Being able to have your own work ethic within yourself & the the personalities you’re surround by is a very valuable quality to not only have, but to also uphold & Queens, New York producer CallUpTay can easily be labeled as such a person who can carry this weight!

Beginning his excursion in production around 2016, Tay has managed to get credentials from some solid rap curators such as Shawny Binladen, LouGotCash, Chow Lee, Big Yaya, Cash Cobain, Dee Aura, Four50, Bay Swag, Rowdy Rebel, Pasto Flocco, Jay Critch, Leeky G Bando, Big GLTAOW, Esparo, Sky Banks & The many additional come up artists he's locked in with from the non-profit beats that he uploads on his YouTube page & heavy networking.

Tay’s last album “Friends 2“ released around Christmas time of last year - December 25, 2021 to be exact, a 16 track project with guest appearances from Big Yaya, Chow Lee, C-Mack, Freck, Kadeo, LouGotCash, Ron Jetson, 10k Harlo, SkrillaBaby, Aychell, Trealz, MellowMills, CountUp Lunz, Lonny Love, Sammy Juelz, Rico Danna & King Tone ; was a album that woke a lot of sleepers up in our opinion! - it showed you that Tay was truly locked in!

Since the release of this album the ATM member then released a self curated EP project titled “3”, around February 19, 2022 - a 5 track list tape that features Tay himself rapping on some crazy self produced beats! With collaborations from NattCarlos & ChubbyElHefe. Also having Kadeo & Chow Lee go crazy on individual tracks with him!

With these last 2 releases keeping Tay's name relevant amongst the TONS of other songs he has uploaded on his platforms, Been featured in, Co & also Self Produced - Tay‘s only focus is to develop his craft to the next level.

I got the opportunity to learn more about Tay & his journey as a producer through these past couple years. Check out our interview below & make sure to follow Tay on all platforms, links will be automated to the images & tags below!




Thirty Six Seven: “I wanted to start off with how old are you & where are you from my boy?”

CallUpTay: “I'm 24, & I’m from Queens, NY”

Thirty Six Seven: “So when did you start producing & how did you get into it?”

CallUpTay: “ I started making beats when i was in like the 10th grade, but I didn't get nice until I touched college to be honest & my oldest brother produced for Mr. Cheeks & the Lost Boyz so I was always around it then my middle brother helped me sharpen up my skills & I applied my own work ethics.”

Thirty Six Seven: “ How did you get your stage name “CaIIUpTay”

CallUpTay: “My name was Taystackz before but it’s dead too many Taystackz in the world, but CallUpTay - I came up with that in like 2018 playing madden MUT Squads with my friends.”

“I was being funny by saying if you need help winning you guys can call on Tay - I kept saying that then randomly it switched to CallUpTay & that stuck.“

Thirty Six Seven: “Where did your production tag come along?”

CallUpTay: “My tag came from me & my boy Nellstalgic. I didn’t know what my tag should’ve been so he gave multiple ideas & “He back on it“ stuck with me. So I became “CallUpTay, He Back on It

Thirty Six Seven: “Do you remember your first big placement? If so what was the year / song & who was the artist?”

CallUpTay: “Yeah my first big placement would have been from Rowdy Rebel back in like 2015, the song is called “War” I believe it’s on SoundCloud still - it features Von & Woopty.”

FUN FACT: Tay’s original production tag said

“Tay Turn Up The Beat”

Thirty Six Seven: “What’s your opinion on the current New York music scene?, you into the politics?”

CallUpTay: “ The New York Music scene right now is very vibrant & different. There’s more than just drill out there, to be honest there’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

Queen’s is up Next though; every other borough had its go around & now it’s time for the city torch to land in my towns.”

“As far as politics, nah I just produce I don’t play in any political antics - if you make good music I want to work with you, I don’t care about who hates you or what opps you got.. it really doesn’t matter to me.”

Thirty Six Seven: “Anybody you been listening to lately?.”

CallUpTay: “Lately I’ve been listening to all of the YTB collective, Bay Swag, Chow Lee, Lonny, Kadeo, Milly, Duke Deuce, & Vory - a whole lotta Vory!”

Thirty Six Seven: “Who are some of your inspirations gang? Producer & artist wise?”

CallUpTay: “Some of my inspirations producer wise are Timbaland, Southside 808 Mafia, MikeWill, & ChubbyElHefe.“

"As Far as artist I would have to say Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent, Drake, Chief Keef, & Jay Z.”


Thirty Six Seven: “Who are some artists you haven’t locked in with yet , & want to?”

CallUpTay: “Artists I haven’t got up with yet & would like to could be Vory, B Love, Amir Obe, Roddy Ricch, & Duke Deuce”

Thirty Six Seven: ”What has been the hardest obstacle for you, as far as being a producer?”

CallUpTay: “ I deal with the same things other producers deal with. I fall to imposter syndrome thinking I’m not supposed to be where I am in life. I also believe in dedication over motivation so that carries me.”

Thirty Six Seven: “Do you have a favorite piece of work that you produced or we’re involved in?"

CallUpTay: “I think my favorite up to date is “Wickipedia” by Shawny Binladen. That whole project felt amazing to be apart of."

Thirty Six Seven: “How did you first lock in with Shawny Binladen?“

CallUpTay: “I got up with Shawny through a family friend. My cousin heard a beat that I posted & was like “Yo I’m about to send this to the yellows” I didn't realize how crazy it would get once he sent that beat, but it did.”

"Then I sent “Work is a 10“ & “Get Back or Sit Back in the same pack & he did them both literally on the same day & the rest is history ever since that"

Thirty Six Seven: “What other ventures do you work on when you aren’t doing any production interactions?”

CallUpTay: “I’m currently in the process of launching my own GTA RP Server it seems like the thing people are into nowadays & I wanted to try my hand at it. The PS5 is my shit but PC got it, it’s literally everything you could ever want in one place.“

Thirty Six Seven: “It’s forever long live rocky! - who was bro to you & what was his impact?”

CallUpTay: “Man Rocky; that was my dawg.. I can’t lie he was a true talent. He was like my version of a Lil Snupe - he could freestyle all day long if you’d let him; & stay on topic while he’s doing it. His life was tragically cut short in August of 2015. shit sent me into depression but I’m here making sure I make this work.. I’m doing it for him."

Thirty Six Seven: “What’s your favorite part of being a producer my guy?“

CallUpTay: “My favorite thing about producing is the fact that you can bend sounds to ANY creation you want it to be. I can literally rip up a sample & make it do what I want, or I can keep the essence of a sample & make people groove like it’s their first time hearing it, like I did in with LouGotCash on Tatii."


Thirty Six Seven: “Any upcoming projects or singles in the works for you?”

CallUpTay: “Yeah I have project in the works with Bay Swag called “Ahead Of My Time 2.0.”

it will be a huge project for me & my team ”ATM ” - we really on everything right now & we are trying to establish ourselves as heavy hitters in the game.”

Thirty Six Seven: “Any words of advice / motivation to the people watching or reading this article?”

CallUpTay: “My only advice is have more dedication than motivation, because motivation runs out but dedication never expires.. it’s forever.”





Be sure to follow Tay on all platforms & follow his journey. We appreciate him for taking the time to let us know more about himself & his upcoming path as a legendary producer / RP Gaming curator.


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