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Real Estate or The Lab? , this Newport Beach, CA native literally does it all. Starting his production journey through a required school elective Caliger has built an extensive catalog of underground hits & continues to work on his portfolio everyday, from artist like Lil Dude, Dee Aura, Lite Fortunato, Diego Money, Shawny Binladen, Melly Migo, Big GLTAOW, Big Yaya, 95Reddo, Zelly Ocho, Baby Fifty, BandmanFari, TrapstarMula & More!

I noticed Caliger’s production credits behind countless underground bangers & started to do some research, upon so finding little to nothing about the producer... I just wanted to know where bro was from lol , seeing this I had to hit my boy up & get a little inside scoop on how he makes the magic & what he’s about.


Mixing his influence from curators like Louis Brodinski & Dj Khaled with artist like Kendrick Lamar, Pink Floyd & Kanye West but also being in a Rock/Reggae based band with his brother & next door neighbor as a adolescent - I got the opportunity to learn more about Caliger & his journey as a producer through these past couple years. Check out our interview below and make sure to follow Caliger on all platforms, links will be automated to the black tabs below!




Thirty Six Seven: “We wanted to start off a lil simple, something along the lines of how old are you & where are you from bro?”

Caliger: ”I’m 22 years old, & I’m originally from Newport Beach, CA - but i currently reside in Santa Monica.“

Thirty Six Seven: “How did you get the stage name Caliger?”

Caliger: “My last name is Caliger bro haha, everyone think it’s a stage name.“

Thirty Six Seven: “2 for 1 here - How long have you been producing & what really made you get into it?”

Caliger: “Growing up, when I was 6 years old I got my first guitar & started a band with my brother & my neighbor & we did concerts all around California until I was about 15 years old, around that time i kind of got tired of playing rock and reggae music.”

“I transferred to this school that required you to take an elective, & I chose music production. The guy who taught the class was a complete dumbass who only knew how to record vocals & make the most generic beats, but once I learned the basics i just started doing it on my own & started to grow a liking to it & I think it’s a great blend for me using my musical background in other genres to all of the beats I make today”

Thirty Six Seven: “What was the first big breakthrough you had with your beats?”

Caliger: “Once I moved to Hollywood in 2018, I got my own apartment & started working 6 days a week overnight shifts, 10 hour shifts, Etc. to cover the cost of my apartment because I wanted a loft so I could build a studio. Once I got settled in, one of my buddies Shane who’s a filmer from my hometown Newport Beach, brought Lil Dude, DJ Phatt, Blue, & Diego Money over & we instantly clicked & started making music.”

“I grew closest to DJ phat & blue & they started to come over almost every day bringing me new artists that they had discovered such as Zelly Ocho, Hunchoz, 95reddo, Etc. & I grew accustomed to the music & started really fucking with the sound so I kept going with it and here we are today.”

Thirty Six Seven: ”What has been the hardest challenge in your career?”

Caliger: “I would say the hardest challenge for me is that I have my Real estate license & I’ve been working full time in real estate for over 3 years selling top end properties in California, so mixing the rap culture with the real estate culture can be very challenging at times & I always have to watch what I say & what I put out on the internet because the people I work with come from all over the world & have much different personalities.”

Thirty Six Seven: “Who are some of your musical & producer influences?”

Caliger: “My biggest inspirations are Kanye West, Pink Floyd, DJ Khaled, Kendrick, Louis Brodinski, Etc.

Thirty Six Seven: “Who are some artist you haven’t worked with yet , & would like to?”

Caliger: “I’m a big fan of the drill scene in New York so I would definitely want to work with upcoming rappers there such as Dthang & SugarHill Keem, I’m also a Big Memphis fan, So i would love to lock in with MoneyBagg Yo, Big30, & Pooh Shiesty - also want to focus more on going international & widening my profile creating these new sounds we are hearing in our music & applying them all over the world.”

Thirty Six Seven: “What has been your favorite track you worked or were involved with?’

Caliger: “One of my favorites is in the vault right now with Shawny Binladen & Big Yaya but as far as out now I would say Narcotic Nemesis by Lite Fortunato is definitely up there.

Thirty Six Seven: “What do you enjoy most about being a producer?”

Caliger: “For me, it’s being able to create exactly what i want to & be able to work with only artists that i choose to work with, the freedom & flexibility works great with my current schedule.

Thirty Six Seven: “What’s in store for you in 2022? , Any upcoming projects or singles in the works?

Caliger: ”Yeah, i got some stuff with Shawny Binladen, Big Yaya, Big GLTAOW, TrapstarMula, 95Reddo, Lil Dude & more on the way stay on the lookout for those dropping soon.

Thirty Six Seven: “A word of advice to any person who’s producing or thinking about giving up?“

Caliger: My advice would be that there are so many different jobs in the music industry & if you know you are a fan of it & like being around it, test the waters on every different thing such as engineering, producing, managing, marketing, filming, etc. whichever one feels the most comfortable go with that one. If one doesn’t work out, go back to another one until you find your sweet spot!




Be sure to follow Caliger on all platforms & follow his journey. We appreciate him for taking the time to let us know more about himself & his upcoming path as a superstar producer / real estate phenom.


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