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From The Glo To London! , THE INFLUENCE! #BehindTheBeat

From the fast rap life to the even faster production lifestyle, this young curator has been able to translate not only his influences but also his own personal ideas & credence into exceedingly well orchestrated instrumentals by storm! Maintaining your own entity in the rapper aspect of entertainment sounds like a hassle within itself… So imagine building yourself up as a well known rap individual who then decides he wants to diversify his portfolio & expand into the world of production. For more reasons than one, Cincoo's love of this thing we call Hip-Hop culture has dragged him into more than he could have ever imagined - with mixing influences like Hov, Biggie & Pac all the way to Classic R&B, Rock & Many other genres of late popular songs/curators in his line of creativity to making hits in the underground & upcoming scene!



With his already well established name & over driven work ethic Cincoo has been able to lock in with musical curators along the lines of Shawny Binladen, Destroy Lonely, Quelly Woo, Rah Swish, IlyCrisis, Dre Breezo, Lil Fendy, Tino SZN, Dom Corleo, Lato, Margi, Zanny London, SkaiWater, Trapboy Naim, Autumn, Asap Illz, Slimesito, Lil NZA, Summrs, RikoTheReaper, CashOutJony, Rockgang Dah, B Jack$, Blackwood Boy, Dee Aura, Sham God & a countless amount of upcoming artist via SoundCloud, YouTube & all other streaming platforms!

Accumulating close to around 4,500,000+ Streams/Views platform wide counting all singles, mixtapes, albums, music videos or collaborations involving his name - with more of his higher earned streaming numbers coming from the SoundCloud platform due to his past & current involvements in the steadily growing culture coming from that side of the "Plug'Nb Scene". Before he started branding himself as the entity he currently is today, Cincoo was actually a pretty well established rapper - who around 2017 to 2019 ran with an underground collective that called themselves "Shawty World" in which consisted of Summrs, Autumn, Blast Shawty (The Founder) Goyxrd & a few other bubbling upcoming rappers.

Cincoo made sure to stay involved in all the underground workings & shows… He built relationships with the right people & stayed true to his craft - started to get some traction & took off the only way he knew how! From late night FL Studio sessions with his good friend Slk E-Z, who at the time wasn't even a producer but wanted to help Cincoo develop his craft, which meant everything to him… & around 2015 Slk E-Z ended up giving Cincoo his laptop with FL Studio 12 on it to make my own beats anytime, anywhere which changed everything! The journey hasn't always been the easiest though… From fluke collaboration to unsent songs & having to face the challenges of becoming a full time producer from being a well known rapper in the SoundCloud scene.

I have got the opportunity to learn more about Cincoo & his journey as a producer throughout these past couple of years. Check out our interview below & make sure to follow Cincoo on all platforms, links will be automated to the clickables below! - Thank you Cincoo for taking the time to conduct this article with us & we hope this piece of work opens up more doors for networking in your future!




Thirty Six Seven: "How old are you my guy? & what city/state were you born in or made you who you are?"

CINCOOLONDON: "Well I’m 23 years old - born & raised in Queens .. Far Rockaway to be exact."

Thirty Six Seven: "Young Rock native! ok - who are some artist or producers from Far Rock that you are tapped into?"

CINCOOLONDON: "Producer wise I would say my bro @chinoo.wav goes crazy, he from far rock.. he up next for sure. Then with rappers we got Pasto Flocco, Miah Kenzo & Deveye putting on besides me, they bringing the light back to far rock - you know ever since we lost Stack Bundles & Chinx Drugz nobody really been making noise & that’s why I’m going so hard with my rapping & producing. Some other artist you should check out from out here are Kae Pasta & Trilla Stacks they go crazy, bars there for real!".

Thirty Six Seven: "How was your upbringing as a kid my guy?"

C I N C O O L O N D O N - D . R . E

CINCOOLONDON: "Coming up in Far rock back in the day you would always see a lot of wild stuff. I stayed away from that though.. was never was in a gang or anything like that, just was always the cool kid that everybody knew - At first I wanted to be a ball player but I realized I was to short lol.. but music has always been something that I saw myself doing... coming up with my moms playing all kinds of music from Hov, Biggie & Pac to Classic R&B & even rock. So many other genres that you wouldn’t even expect.. & that’s why my samples be hitting so different because I just sample what I used to listen to as a kid."

Thirty Six Seven: "So around what time did producing come in the picture for you & how did you really gain a curiosity for it?"

CINCOOLONDON: "I would say around 2012 I started gaining interest in producing because I was rapping & the YouTube beats back then was not hitting - so I started to study how to make beats & it would always show me FL Studio tutorials... so I just leathered how to use FL before I even had a computer of my own .. it wasn’t until my freshmen year of high school in 2013 that I actually got the chance to use FL studio myself"

"My mans SLK E-Z was a big impact. He wasn’t a producer at the time but I told him to get FL on his laptop so he could learn how to make beats with me. We would be at his crib making beats all day.. the beats wasn’t the best at the time but it meant everything to me at the moment... because just me learning the basics was exciting. So from 2013 - 2015 I was making beats on bro pc.. He gave me his laptop with FL 12 on it to make my own beats in 2015 & I appreciate him for that because ever since I’ve been working on my craft & recording music"

Thirty Six Seven: "How did you come up with your stage name “CincooLondon” & where did your infamous tag come along? - did you start off with the same stage name & run with it the whole time or did it ever change since you started in 2012?"

CINCOOLONDON: "My stage name came from Lil Uzi Vert - he has a heavy influence in my music. It was around 2017 & I had seen his twitter name at the time was "Uzi London" & at the time my name was Dre GloCincoo. I was already going to change my name because I felt like Dre GloCincoo was too long of a name to have. So I started asking everyone I knew was Cincoo London a good name & should I even change it because at that time I already had a good 1.5k subscribers on YouTube as Dre GloCincoo But I just went with my gut feeling & just changed my name. I kid you not that’s when everything started to get lit for me"

"My tag came from one of my mans named Devan from Hawaii - he got one of his homegirls to say it for me. The tag I was using before was “Cincoo with another one” which was made by myself but I was heavy in the Plug'Nb scene & I needed a new tag to use on my songs to make it stand out better. So I hit him when we was in a group chat & I asked if he knows a girl with a good voice to do my tag he told me yeah & in a few days he sent back the “Cincoo you fucking snapped” tag.. Crazy part is I still never met the girl who said it - I want to tell her that her voice is going to be legendary soon"

Thirty Six Seven: "What has been your favorite track/s you were involved in or produced at this current moment?"

CINCOOLONDON: "I have a unreleased song with Shawny Binladen Called "Fr This Time" that Me & PoWR Trav produced - & another song by Slimesito that’s about to drop on PoWR Trav's Deluxe tape"

"I would also add "Lean Over Hoes" by Asap Illz & Dee Aura those go crazy too"


Thirty Six Seven: "What is your current opinion on the QUEENS / FAR ROCK music scene as a whole? - you rocking with the overall progress in the community?"

CINCOOLONDON: "My opinion on Queens right now is I feel like we started what everybody is doing with the samples mixed with drill beats.. we started that shit & everybody ran with it trying to claim it as theirs - everybody out here putting on for real but it just gets over looked.. i don't know.. i think NY got something against Queens & Far Rock, we got a lot of talented people... it's just nobody wants to tap in & shed light on us out here. It’s a lot of fire videographers, rappers, & producers out here that’s really doing they thing. All it’s gonna take is one person to go up for us to be back in the conversation & I’m tryna be that person to do it"

Thirty Six Seven: "Can you remember your first placement or song you produced for a rapper & around what year this was locked in?"

CINCOOLONDON: "My first placement that was lit at the time was Dee Aura in 2017... the song never came out but I still have it .. it’s called "back in effect"- that was before the sample wave but my first official placement was Dee Aura "Hunnid Band Lick" in 2018."

"Another placement I got was Lil Fendy "Blue Strips" he was a hot SoundCloud artist at the time then in 2019 I locked in with Destroy Lonely for "VVS Valentine"

Thirty Six Seven: "Who are some people in this line of work you do that you consider friends? Or good people to you?"

CINCOOLONDON: "It's a few people I consider friends that never did anything weird to me .. I can say it’s IlyCrisis, Zanny London, Toteuzis, CallUpTay , PoWR Trav, Jaystolaa, Yung Biggs, Y3tga & Etc."

"I just want to shoutout the whole ATM team for real.. because they took me in & made me feel like family, but chinoo.wav is my brother for real.. we grew up together & now we making hits together"

Thirty Six Seven: "Can you name some artist or producers who you would like to work with in the future or even plan to work with now?"

CINCOOLONDON: "Some rappers I fuck with are Mhg Dell, Shawny Binladen, Lil Nza, Dee Aura, Reeko London (my artist) Rockgang Dah it’s more that I really rock with, but that’s all I can think of the top so if I missed somebody I'm sorry, but Rappers or producers I want to work with I'm going to say Drake & Lil Baby - I want to work with Cash Cobain somebody got to set that up for me ; Chow Lee, Jay Critch, Lil Uzi Vert of course, Playboi Carti, Asap Rocky & Etc."

"If I had a chance to work with Ye that will be a blessing - to be honest I want to work with everyone Meek, A Boogie, Chief Keef.. the list can go on & on lol"

"Some producers I want to work with are Dolan Beatz , Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, Pierre Bourne, WakeUpF1thy, Oogie Mane, ATL Jacob, Wheezy, Turbo, 808 Melo & AXL. As of right now though I’m just working with my team ATM & a few member of StraightRacksTeam."

Thirty Six Seven: “In your opinion - what’s the hardest part of being a producer?"

CINCOOLONDON: "The hardest part of being a producer to me is dealing with people that waste time.. always coming in my DM saying they want to work & then ghosting me. I would also say rappers not sending the finished songs back when they done recording/editing. They always feel as if the producer would leak it?? i don't know why though because it’s our work too & it would mess up our stuff just as well as the artist. Also people asking for free beats just because they got a little clout or whatever .. dealing with people egos can be draining".

Thirty Six Seven: "What are some of the challenges or adversities you had to face on the come up to who you are today?”

CINCOOLONDON: "Me becoming a full time producer from being a well known rapper in the SoundCloud scene was definitely a challenge .. I always made beats on the side but when I went full time people wouldn’t work with me because they thought of me as just a rapper"

"So there was a period of time that nobody significant rapped on my beats.. I use to feel like my beats weren’t good because nobody was hopping on them.. even though my beats were gaining popularity on YouTube.. & I felt like other producers didn’t want to collaborate with me".

Thirty Six Seven: "Can you give the people a little run down on the rapper side of you.. how it was & why you decided to make beats instead?"

CINCOOLONDON: "Well I’ve been rapping before producing but I didn’t record my first official track until 2017 - I was heavy in the underground Plug'Nb scene from 2017-2019 , I was around Summrs, Autumn, Blast Shawty, Goyxrd & all of them.. We were in this group called "Shawty World" that Blast had made".

"My rapping is what got my name up for real, you can check out my SoundCloud & I’m On All Major Platforms - My Last Song I Dropped was called "Chosen" It’s slept on but I don't promote it how I should.. but no cap bro I really started making beats for real because the YouTube beats back then we're so ASS - I’m like "nah I can’t rap on these trash shits so let me make my own" word".

Thirty Six Seven: "When you aren’t making a beat - what other ventures do you dabble in?”

CINCOOLONDON: "When I’m not making beats I normally just play the game.. either on PC or PS5. I also stream on twitch here & there gaming or reacting wise"

"I be playing old games, a lot of emulators like ps2 , GameCube, Wii , 360 , & PS3 - when I’m on Pc I just play the classics but on PS5 I be playing 2k , Call of Duty , Fall Guys , Fortnite - I’m waiting for all the new Games like Spiderman 2 & Wolverine as well."

Thirty Six Seven: “Any upcoming projects in the workings or motions you have coming up?”

CINCOOLONDON: "My Next Project is called “The Influence” Executive Produced By PoWR Trav. This will be my comeback mixtape as a artist since my last project came out in 2020 - This tape is to show people that I’m back like I never left, I know I took a long break but I’m here to stay!"

"I got to make a statement with this one.. people think I don’t got it still but don’t know I’m part of the reason underground sounds the way they/it do & I think I’m on Shawny Binladen’s upcoming tape that he’s about to drop i don't know for sure but I sent him a lot of stuff & he’s been peeping so let’s just hope u hear a Cincoo tag on that"

"Other than that my Slimesito placement will be dropping on PoWR Surge Deluxe & I’ve been working with Asap Illz lately.. i don't know where those might land knowing him & his association with Asap Mob"

Thirty Six Seven: "Can you give a word of advice to the people reading this or who follow you for inspiration/look up to you! 💯"

CINCOOLONDON: "I would say to never give up on ya dreams anything is possible in this world... Stay true to yourself & put the work in & you’ll see results"





Be sure to follow Cincoo on all platforms & follow his journey. We appreciate him for taking the time to let us know more about himself & his upcoming path as a legendary producer!


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