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Producer To Look Out For Vol. 2 #TheNewYears

With the 2022 year ending, we here at Thirty Six Seven have been taking the time to reflect on our downfalls and the success we have obtained throughout the year. We are thankful to have experienced & connected to the entities & work we've been through thus far. From mixtape & single hostings, the growth of our platforms & supporters, the interactions between constructing articles & talking to producers, expanding to all streaming platforms & even building this website! Anything we've ever truly wanted to accomplish, we have! Manifestation is tangible if you believe it, you can achieve it!

It's a blessing to be in the little position we are in & we plan to expand the community next year! It's time for us to become our OWN name - when you think of us, we don't want it to correlate with a specific artist, state, sound, or genre. We would like you to think of our craft, blogs & article... the music we host & expose.. & overall, our brand itself. The way we came up clouded the work we put in. So for the 2023 year, we plan to build the brand! More interviews/articles, more hostings, and more interactions! Thirty-Six Seven Merchandise for the virtual community & podcast! Concert footage & more! It's time to show people its fundamental mechanics behind the whiteboard. We thank all the loyal supporters we have & want the world to watch the fresh start!

To end the year with a bang, we wanted to hit up a few producers & get more insight into how they came about before the year ends. We know these producers will make significant noise in the game during 2023! Be sure to follow everybody on the social media platforms tabbed below & stay tuned to the upcoming workings coming from their catalog!


Four3va - Anniston, Alabama

Let's start this piece of the segment with a breakdown in reference to the word "Forever," which can mean "a seemingly interminable time : excessively long" or a limitless time" its a word that will always stand out but also best describes this young curator & his goal to change the game! 15-year old Four3va, based in Anniston, Alabama, has been producing for close to around 4 years now & is making some real noise on his rise to stardom from sampling 2012 classics & more!

While getting most of his inspiration & music influences from his father & brother "Miko" and having Day 1's in the game like "CallupTay & Jaystolaa" helping him develop his sound to what it is today, alongside his own hustle!

See, Four3va isn't just your ordinary teenage producer. This young man has been able to connect with significant curators, gain tons of supporters/streams & have a wave go beyond his zip code, all while trying to manage a kid's lifestyle. Still, with his accelerating pace, he will be seen in the game alongside some of these full-grown producers in months! He found his love of production through sampling older musical sounds & realized that not everybody could sample & make beats when you want them to. So he took the time to learn the basics of mixing/mastering & was constantly testing something he heard or liked! Four had a challenge finding his sound in the drill scene when he started to craft beats regularly & would sometimes use the blueprint of other producers to gain inspiration. Still, he slowly realized if he kept doing things his way, nobody would take his hustle seriously.

Four worked on his talent & found a way to muster his unique feather of artistry in only a way he could tender too. Later down the line, eventually he ended up locking in with highly credible artists among the likes of Kay Flock, Stepdad, Pasto Flocco, PJ Glizzy, YungxChris, Glokk40Spaz & many more! We must remember to mention before he genuinely dived into the construction of instrumentals, he was a rapper himself, & still currently is, but states he is putting it to the side to focus on production. You can still check out some of the older releases he's dropped & also other projects he's been involved with via his SoundCloud! Four3va is a multi-talented entity who's name is behind some tracks that you wouldn't have known, due to reasons he can't control.. but is still humble & remains true to his workmanship everyday!

Thirty Six Seven: "How old are you & what state do you represent?"

Four3va: "I’m 15 Years Old, & Was Born In Anniston Alabama".

Thirty Six Seven: "How long have you been producing & what really made you get into the sounds of it?"

Four3va: "It's probably been my 4th Year, To be honest. It was cause I was rapping, and not everybody can sample and make beats when you want them to; lol people got lives like all of us do, So once I learned - I was constantly sampling something! Even when I was making beats on my phone, My dad showed me the classic like my favorite rapper of all time, Jay Z - with Lil Wayne and more. My Brother Miko introduced me to other rappers on his iPod, listening to Wiz Khalifa, SpaceGhostPurrp, Rocky Diamond, and more. When 2015 came, he showed me Lil Uzi, Carti, Skooly & a few more."

Thirty Six Seven: "How did you get the name Four3va?"

Four3va: "My Name is Four3va because i will always be me four3va in my life, I want to be rich four3va in my life.. everything that’s good I want it four3va.. ya feel me?"

Thirty Six Seven: "What’s the hardest part of being a producer & what are some of the challenges you had to face?"

Four3va: "The hardest part is finding your style. It took me a while to find my sound in the drill scene as just using other people's techniques which can be bad for connections for other producers to work around. Because you don't have a signature style, The Challenge for me was getting placements, but praying, manifesting, and hard work made it happen. What made me who I am is always keeping god first and practicing my craft, which many people don't see from the outside."

Thirty Six Seven: “Do you remember your FIRST BIG placement? IF SO Who was the artist & the song, what year was it released?”

Four3va: "My first major placement was the Kay Flock single "Ain't No Love" produced by me and my boy NattCarlos, it's out now, and he previewed it around 2021, November or December. I did the drums on the beat - Carlos sent me the sample, which many people don't know & they took my tag out. I feel like it was because my tag had curse words in it, so I changed it to the one you mostly hear. The Andre 3000 tag from Ms. Jackson, but as long as people know I was involved with this track, I'm grateful!."

"Another track is B-Lovee's "Bam Bam". It's crazy because i was about to go to sleep and I saw a post of EliasBeats asking "Who made the beat with his sample?" then i heard it and was like "Yo this my beat!" lol, I was hyped that whole next day and couldn’t believe it."

Thirty Six Seven: "Who are some producers in this game, that you are close to or considers friends? I see you linked in with ATM, how did that happen?”

Four3va: "My Day 1's in this scene would be CallUpTay & Jaystolaa. They were the ones around to help when I first got into the drill wave, and Tay put me on to others that became the guys like ChubbyElHefe, 1NiceBryce, and more. I was able to join ATM because, in my opinion, I was always there.. and knew nearly everybody in the squad / they always knew me. Joining the squad made it feel like a big family cause we are all so close".

Thirty Six Seven: "I see you have a close lock in relationship with Pasto Flocco ; can you speak on how that encounter came about?"

Four3va: "To be honest, shout out the guy Swervo. He got his email and sent it to me. One night when Pasto was on Instagram live I commented, "Check email sent a drake sample" which came to be GLE Freestyle 2. He was rocking with the beats and followed me, then I gave him my number - sent him a bunch of beats, and he used all of them. He's my bruddah and a cool dude with good energy; we got like 8-10 unreleased tracks right now!"

Thirty Six Seven: "Do you have a track/s you’ve produced or been involved in that's your FAVORITE so far in 2022?"

Four3va: "I’ll Say YvngxChris - "In Christan We Trust" I’ve always wanted a placement with him and I got it, so shout out to Olly and Dylvinci for that"

Thirty Six Seven: "What's the best part of being a producer to you?"

Four3va: "The best part of being a producer, is when you also rap and you want a type beat nobody else can make but you".

Thirty Six Seven: "when you aren’t making beats - what other ventures do you dabble in?"

Four3va: "Just chilling and being a kid lol, when I’m bored I might do some artwork on the side or talk to the guys - I be on Fortnite and GTA sometimes too".


Watts - New Jersey

Coming straight out of New Jersey, 22 - year old Watts is one of the newer faces to be seen producing for some of the hottest rappers coming out of Queens, New York, among the likes of Shawny Binladen, Four50 & Big Yaya! With the upbringing of your average suburban kid, Watts found his love of production while attending college with a good friend. When they didn't have homework or class, they would sit around for hours and practice creating instrumentals. College is also where Watts was able to get some of his first placements! But he didn't take the craft seriously until the end of 2022. Watts started to collaborate with more musical entities & saw progression in his work to the point where he could notice his influence of style in drill sounds used by people in other cities who never would have batted an eye at the wave beforehand!

Watts developed a passion for instruments like the Guitar & Drums at a very young age, stating he could remember playing these instruments since he could remember. He took the skills he learned of live keys & drum patterns & applied them to a digital format to create a fire discography of music! He still has some work to do in reference of connecting with more artist, but in the two years of his craft, is moving at a good pace to see the fruits of his labor. Having a high priority in his social life & mental health, when Watts isn't making instrumentals, he is typically checking up on family members or hanging out with his friends to decompress. He likes to maintain a delicate balance between his personal life as well as the business side! - he also scans the internet daily, looking for new opportunities he can invest in, whether it's an upcoming artist or producer. Watts is content with the way he sends out & collaborates on beats at the moment, so he has yet to expand to other platforms outside of Soundcloud - but he will do so soon!

Watts is a producer who keeps building connections and establishing communication under the pretenses of work-related matters! He was already flourishing in the underground scene & is now adapting to a wave from scratch! He has been able to lock in with some dope rappers among the likes of Tony Shhnow, Doowop (Stepdad), Dee Aura, SGbatman, Dee Aura, EastbayTae, TennisboyWill, Shawny Binladen, Big Yaya, Warhol, K$upreme, Sonindigo, Dayytona Fox & Maxos, Roxas333, Four50, Mizzay, Chanvose, IlyCrisis, BabySevin & a couple of other musical artists via all streaming platforms! Watts has been on a roll the whole year of 2022 & we are expecting some big things from him in the year 2023.

Thirty Six Seven: "How old are you? & what state do you represent?"

Watts: "I’m 22 years old & im from New Jersey. I won't say exactly where but I’m closer to Philly than NY".

Thirty Six Seven: "How was your upbringing as a child & support system?

Watts: my upbringing was pretty much like any suburban kid, except I just had a love for music. To clarify I do work a job but my parents are happy with me doing music as long as I work too. I’ve been able to find the right balance, I work a 9-5 and do this shit on top of it ."

Thirty Six Seven: "How long have you been producing & what really made you get into the sounds of it?"

Watts: "I have been doing music all my life. I've known how to play guitar and drums since I can remember, but during college, I was just bored, so my friend & I would make beats whenever we didn't have shit like class or work. I didn't take production seriously until the end of 2020, though; that's when I started working with artists & other producers".

Thirty Six Seven: “Do you remember your FIRST placement? IF SO Who was the artist & the song, what year was it released?"

Watts: "The first placement I ever had was with my boy Sonindigo, who I met during college. He’s from the same area as me and I was trying to get some of my first beats at the time. I had two songs on his first project and Ive been working with him ever since, shout-out indigo @sonindigo"

Watts: "Let me piggyback off of this too. Another artist I work with is Roxas333, the first person I ever did drill with. He's someone else from my area that I've worked heavily with on music for all genres. However, the success we've had with drill music, in particular, has caught the eye of some important people. If it weren't for Roxas333 and me doing our thing, there wouldn't be anyone in our area or anyone we affiliated with even attempting to do drill. We've had people from our area and Ohio artists affiliated with the likes of 1400 wanting to do drill. To me, that's crazy."

"First major placement I ever got was with Shawny Binladen, in June. I had just sent him beats and then like 2-3 weeks later I see him playing a bunch of them on live. then I just started getting more shit with him and his people from there"

Thirty Six Seven: "What’s the hardest part of being a producer? & what are some of the challenges you had to face?”

Watts: "At times being someone that makes beats or even makes music, in general, can make you feel disconnected. At times I felt like I was getting judged by people because I made beats. I think this standard is wrong, and this shit is a hustle, just like anything else. People make tons of money & gain notoriety from so many different things, so why discriminate against beats.. have your fun with it.. but if you see it as something you want to stick with, you have to grind and bring something different to the table in an environment where someone could make a better beat or be a better producer than you"

Thirty Six Seven: "When you aren’t making beats - what other ventures do you dabble in?"

Watts: "I ensure that I’m keeping in touch with my friends and making sure my family is good. Going out with both, whether for a night out drinking with the boys or hanging out with the parents. Making sure I have a social life. That shit is so important; it’s another outlet to relax and decompress."

"If I’m home or alone, I look into artists, scan YouTube, listen to artists and producers, and think about the next moves I want to make. I never had my own YouTube channel, but I’m somewhat happy to send out beats as I have. I have enough friends that post our labs on YouTube, so I’m not worried about that"


Liteease - Poughkeepsie, New York

This producer is a person who stands on the fact that he is versatile & shows it with every beat he curates! From working with upcoming female rappers to Gospel artists & RnB singers, to creating afro & soul beats with literal ease.. hence the name. Coming straight out of Poughkeepsie, then later moving to Virginia, 25-year-old Liteease is solidifying his reputation in the game with timeless hits & hard work behind the computer daily! Starting his excursion in beat-making as a rapper who got tired of using YouTube productions, he began studying the workings & mannerisms of top producers like Jahlil Beats, Cardo Got Wings, Etc, via YouTube during his high school years, & eventually developed his signature sound.

Liteease has been producing for about nine years now, & while growing up in a small/off-the-grid area of New York, he was mostly with family, reticent and independent. Having musical inspiration from the likes of Three-Six Mafia. G Herbo & Keef. Dave East, Jim Jones, Jay Z, Jadakiss, Andre 3000, Larry June. Harry Fraud, Mass Wonder & so many more. Liteease has figured out a way to transpire all his influences into the instrumentals he creates, whether it's sampling a record totally or chopping it to pieces & using bits. Either way, it's going to become something entirely new!

The steady rise of Liteease is something to commend as he plans to take over the production field single-handedly! with this type of craft changing in style every day, he has found a reliable way to stay in tune with all genres of music. His only challenge is himself. Beat block is something he faces from time to time & it leaves him feeling "discouraged and disconnected." He knows his capabilities & continues to create in any way he can. Currently being in a collective named "Petro Gang," Liteease works with other credible producers like BraezonDay, BigBossButta, Chopstar & more. He advocates the movement heavily but still focuses on his solo work & keeps it a top priority!

Thirty Six Seven: "How old are you & what city/state were you born in?"

Liteease: "25, Born and Raised Poughkeepsie , NY"

Thirty Six Seven: "How was your upbringing in Kipse & how long have you been producing?"

Liteease: "Poughkeepsie is just small and off the grid. I was mostly with family, reticent and independent. Then at like 4 or 5 years old, I moved to Virginia and started school. I've Been producing for almost nine years now."

Thirty Six Seven: "What made you start crafting beats?"

Liteease:" I used to rap in high school, and overall niggas were tired of stealing YouTube beats based on my sound. So I watched tutorials and learned most of my skills from cook-up vlogs by producers like Araabmuzik, Jahlil Beats, Pete Rock, 9th Wonder & CardoGotWings."

Thirty Six Seven: "What’s the hardest part of being a producer? & what are some of the challenges you had to face on the come up to who you are today?"

Liteease: "The hardest thing is having beat block because I'm always making all types of genres. Still, it comes to a point where I'm feeling discouraged and disconnected because I don't want to sound like the next nigga, even though I know I'm different/versatile. Also, niggas not giving splits for released songs & dealing with niggas expecting free beats."

"The only challenge is finding artists you can trust and worth wanting to work with music-wise. When I started producing, it was easier than it is now to reach out to artists for specific placements, especially in the DMV. Many new producers are coming out daily to create a unique sound. I started producing for Schlish & I'm his primary producer. Shug Da Trappa & Xanman were my first significant placements. Gleesh & Q Da Fool shit was more straightforward, but I feel I got this shit on lock.. i still got big shit coming & plan to drop another tape before the year is out."

Thirty Six Seven: "How did you get the producer name Liteease?"

Liteease: "I was like 19 or 20 years old, just visiting different colleges with my good men & some home-girls. We would always end up getting lit & turning up with random white kids & i was introduced to "Miller Lite" the beer. It ended up becoming my favorite drink & still is till this day, so i took the lite out of miller. Everything came at ease for me & people around me would say "you did that with ease" then some white girls told me "you make things look easy" so i took that & ran with it."

Thirty Six Seven: "Who are some of your musical inspirations rapper & producer wise?"

Liteease: "My Inspirations, in no order. Mos Def - in terms of word play & lyricism, Benny the Butcher/Grisdelda as a whole, my sample & freestyle influence came from them. Curren$y is on top of everything! i was Influenced heavy by him at a young age (14 -till now) The Texas wave with chopped & screwed sounds from old Three-Six Mafia. G Herbo & Keef. Dave East, Jim Jones, Jay Z, Jadakiss, Andre 3000, Larry June. Tyler The Creator & Earl Sweatshirt are in the same lane as Curren$y - I revolve my sound around Down South & Louisiana /New York type vibes! Can't forget about Rick Ross and his boss mentality. I really saw his come up From the start & always looked up to it. Meek Mill with his freestyle aggressiveness & swag, Then Wale & his dedication. Also Pharrell & Mac Miller On the more hipster side of things."

"Producer wise i would say Arab Music, a lot of people really don't credit him but his MPC game on lock. In terms of up north type beats & sound I would say B Don. Also Alchemist, Mass Wonder, Jahlil Beats, Hitmakers, Cook in Soul, Derringer, Beat Butcher, Harry Fraud & mainly Cardo Got Wings."

Thirty Six Seven: "Do you remember your FIRST BIG placement? IF SO Who was the artist & what was the song?"

Liteease: Either Backdoor by Xanman (2018-19) or Killswitch by Yung Gleesh (2021)

Thirty Six Seven: "Do you have a track you’ve produced that's your FAVORITE?"

Liteease: "Damn, I got so many favorites. I would say "No Sleep" by Boog, "No Love" by Schlish, and "Harder" by BK Blac. I got jaunt with Joony called "Sport" co-produced by my brother, the late Merkemmoody. That one's special to me because that's the last song I had with brah that did numbers. I found an old unfinished fl project file me and he had worked on, and it only had snares, hi-hats, and percs. I added a complex melody and drums: shit, fire and the only beat with an actual story."

Thirty Six Seven: "Who are some producers or artist in this game, that you are close to? I see you linked up with Petro Gang - how did that come about?"

Liteease: "My close producer friends I would say are Kiddbeatz, Swxfft, Moody, Fendi Flip, BiggBossButta ,and Issuu. Butta was one of the few that started Petro or how would you say started with, then butta expanded into what we have now type shit. I fuck with & represent Petro Gang, but I'm worried more about my solo shit at the moment".

"Artist wise Schlish, Shug, Rudy Cash, 1UpSlime, BK Blac & Borleone."

Thirty Six Seven: "When you aren’t making beats - what other ventures do you dabble in?"

Liteease: "I’m heavy on cannabis. I smoke weed and I make a lot of food THC infused. I shop a lot, go to the gym, play basketball, and go to studio sessions. i cool it that’s it ."


Wntr - Newark, New Jersey

When people think of the word Winter, they usually correlate the coldest season of the year, snow, ice & a chill environment. Winter is a season that stands out from the rest & can be unpredictable in all aspects. Still, no matter what you think, you can't deny the temperature drop! When we think of Winter, we think of the variant spelling WNTR. In reference to the 15-year-old producer, Born & based in Newark, New Jersey! While only producing for a year & a half, he is starting to create & distribute a sound of his own throughout the upcoming drill & rap scene! Wntr taught himself the essential elements of constructing instrumentals & is still teaching himself to this day. With inspiration from famous producers like Pierre Bourne, Zaytoven, and Metro Boomin. But also incorporating sounds from talented, well-known entities in the growing Drill & Underground scene like Y3tga, Jayystola, and Powr Trav. Evil Giane, ProdByWar, 24mmy & Etc. Wntr has grasped the understanding of networking & developing a shared experience with all sides of mustering musical art at a young age!

Growing up & living in Newark, Wntr's upcoming can be considered your standard; stay safe & watch your surrounding's mentality as he came along. With many obstacles being a minority, he knew he had to find something to keep his mind occupied. "It's usual in my city," he stated, "but I'm blessed to have some resources, thanks to my mom." & while growing up in a challenging environment, this was no problem for him. Wntr maintains a tight-knit friend group & maneuvers appropriately every day. Wntr started his excursion in the underground scene & has been able to use the skills he's developed to conspire with producers of different elements, but also grasp the aspects of those he works around! With nothing but time on his hands, we expect & look forward to some significant tracks coming from Wntr in 2023. He is a young humble entity who only wants to put his city on the map & shine in the process!

Thirty Six Seven: "How old are you my guy? & what city/state were you born in?"

Wntr: "I'm 15 years old. I was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. Still live here to this day." #JerseyGang.

Thirty Six Seven: "Who are some of your musical inspirations? Rapper & producer wise?"

Wntr: "I feel those who made me who I am are producers like Pierre Bourne, Zaytoven, and Metro Boomin. They are the ones who got me into producing. My inspirations for my style of music now are y3tga, Jayystola, Powr Trav & Evil Giane. Also, ProdByWar, 24mmy, and some other names."

Thirty Six Seven: "What made you start crafting beats?"

Wntr: "I've been producing for only a year and a half. I started probably around mid-last year. I used to be ass, and then I taught myself, and now I'm here. Blessed to be in this position."

Thirty Six Seven: "What’s the hardest part of being a producer? & what are some of the challenges you had to face on the come up?"

Wntr: "The biggest challenge has been my motivation & mental health. Any artist, producer, or engineer should value your mental health. Perfecting your craft takes a lot of brain energy, and can be stressful. Keep working at your pace for all the producers trying to find their sound. It'll come eventually, and take breaks when needed!."

Thirty Six Seven: "How was your upbringing in the Jersey area?"

Wntr: "My upbringing was regular, with a lot of obstacles being a minority. It's usual in my city, but I'm blessed to have some resources, thanks to my mom."

Thirty Six Seven: "Who are some rappers from Newark you listen to?"

Wntr: "I listen to BandmanRrill & a lot of club music, but shout out to QuaaMoneyy, BustaLoc. They hard check them out! I'm just a kid trying to put my city on the map. Thankful for everything, even this interview."

Thirty Six Seven: "How you got the producer name WNTR?"

Wntr: "Wntr represents my personality. People usually think of it as a season. I think of it as me as a person. It represents my character and me as a whole. I tried to be unique; the word was generic, so I mixed it up and made the lettering memorable."

Thirty Six Seven: "Do you remember your FIRST BIG placement? IF SO Who was the artist & what was the song?"

Wntr: "My first placement was probably VampLeek called "New York. Zone". It has 20K+ on Soundcloud. I was super hyped and blessed to be on his album. It was released around October or September of 2021. I was making underground music at that time. I wasn't involved with the drill scene as I am today."

Thirty Six Seven: "Do you have a track or song you’ve produced/been involved in that's your FAVORITE?"

Wntr: "Many of my favorite tracks are unreleased. I got an executive produced album with many surprises coming soon, trust me. Cash so far."

Thirty Six Seven: "When you aren’t making beats what other hobbies do you have?"

Wntr: "Hobbies I would say are photography, playing ball, spending time with family and bettering myself as an individual. I also like going outside, and exploring nature."


KGoLive - Silver Spring, Maryland

KGoLive is a Silver Spring, Maryland representative who has been making some heavy-hitting records effortlessly! This 23-year-old curator started making because of the family members around him. He found his interest in production around 2015 when his older cousin Malik told him about FL Studio. K saved up his money to legally buy the program & it was a wrap ever since! He figured it would be something fun to do, but it quickly turned into something so much more. He would share his work with students around his high school & would take the feedback given to drive his motivation to improve! With influences like Metro Boomin, OutKast, Sparkheem, Young Thug, J.Cole, Chief Keef, Pierre Bourne, Kanye, Zaytoven, MexikoDro & anything DMV. KGoLive has developed a sound that excites & intrigues its listeners! He knows his art will touch the masses, & that's one thing that makes him wake up every day & motivates him to open his laptop. He rebranded his name after his first significant placement with inspiration from his old lacrosse teammates. They often used the term "Go Live" mixed with his actual name.

KGoLive has been on a noticeable grind & his efforts show in his catalog! Locking in with entities among the likes of NoSavage, PaperRoute JayFizzle, ZayWild, TaeDawg, Big Flock, Xanman, Goonew, Knucklehead, JunkieMoney, BM Oowop, Young Dezana, Yve'$, Swiezo, Najhea, Q Da Fool, PRAWFIT, Sayku, DanSmiles, TOOKEY!, RobbVanDam, LilRel400K, Lilbrah Da Hitta, Moonman Ballin, Giwzop, 3comma$, Charlie Monroe, Borleone & many more! He tries to be familiar with things that generate not only income but intellectual conversations! he establishes connections with other on-the-grind producers & artists as much as he can while on his journey. The hardest part of this excursion for him has been the technical side of things & his legitimacy. He knows everyone faces doubt in anything they do but insists on building his resume & being involved in all aspects of the game!

From watching his older brother & cousin get into music to evolving the game with his artistry! KGoLive knows once the DMV tightens up on the professionalism side of things, his city can become a music industry powerhouse! Business & infrastructure are critical components to him & he hopes others will see the significance of these aspects as well. With 2023 right here, expect a lot more coming from KGoLive! He plans to drop a couple of projects when the time is right & will let his support base know very soon. Nobody will stop KGoLive besides himself!

Thirty Six Seven: "how old are you my guy? & what city/state do you represent?"

KGoLive: "I am 23 years old, I represent Silver Spring, MD."

Thirty Six Seven: "How was your upbringing as a kid? & how long have you been producing?"

KGoLive: "I had a cool humble upbringing as a kid, was blessed to have both parents in my life. I was pretty laid back, smart and chill, but I still did dumb kid shit all the time. I started producing when my older cousin Malik Elijah told me about FL Studio back in like 2015. I decided to go ahead and save my money up and buy it like a month or two later, it’s been wraps ever since".

Thirty Six Seven: "What made you start creating beats?"

KGoLive: I started making beats because my cousin and older brother were getting into music at the time, I figured it would just be something fun to do at first but I started kind of cooking up and sharing with my friends from HS giving me feedback helped me get going too."

Thirty Six Seven: "How you got the producer name KGoLive?"

KGoLive: "So I used to have a different name before this, it’s jhi ugly not gonna lie and a story for another day. So, after getting my first placement in 2017 I decided to rebrand. K is my first name, “GoLive” was something me and my teammates from lacrosse would say. Plus, my last name has “Liv” in it, so it’s really like spelling my name fr. It stuck though."

Thirty Six Seven: "In your opinion - what’s the hardest part of being a producer? & what are some of the challenges you had to face on the come up?"

KGoLive: "The hardest part for me to be honest be the technical shit, it’s always something with these damn computers. But to be honest, one challenge I faced myself was establishing legitimacy. Everyone faces doubt in anything, you got to build a resume and you got to get involved."

Thirty Six Seven: "Who are some of your musical inspirations/influences, rapper & producer wise?"

KGoLive: "I take influence from Metro Boomin, OutKast, Sparkheem, Young Thug, J.Cole, anything DMV, Chief Keef, Pierre Bourne, Kanye, Zaytoven, MexikoDro off the top of my head."

Thirty Six Seven: "Do you remember your FIRST BIG placement? IF SO Who was the artist & the song , what year was it released?"

KGoLive: "My first big placement is called Get Money by CharlieMonroe ft. Q Da Fool in 2017. Shoutout, Charlie. she definitely put me in play with that. My first “industry label” placement was Broken Pt. 1 by Xanman & Be Like That by Xanman on his album Broken in like 2018"

Thirty Six Seven: "Do you have a track or song you’ve produced/been involved in that's your Favorite?"

KGoLive: "I think one of my favorite songs I worked on is Free Savage by Gizwop, energy was just different in the stu that day and the song came out crazy, he real live bodied that verse humbly. Another couple are “June 28th” by BenderPullem, “Motion Godz” by 3CoMMa$ x Lo Plaga, and “50s N Hunnits” by EternalKhali, all songs I can play at any moment and crank to."

Thirty Six Seven: "Who are some producers or artist in this game, that you consider friends?"

KGoLive: "Shoutout the team TookeyBeats, ChoppedbyJayydoee, YAT Mixed It, MixBy23, Sonny Authentic, Gee Major, Rio The Engineer, Conner321, and any DMV producer fr, I fw all y’all fr we crank like shit. Also shoutout Xallah, Dezana (Free Certy). I also wanna shoutout some good homies I met through Twitter, my dawgs Cheatcode, Yzy, Pseudo, and Nightmare."

Thirty Six Seven: "What’s one pet peeve you have about this game your in?"

KGoLive: "One pet peeve is professionalism on all ends. The DMV needs to tighten the hell up if we ever want to get close to being a music industry power house. Business & Infrastructure is key and I hope people see that soon."

Thirty Six Seven: "When you aren’t making beats - what other ventures do you dabble in?"

KGoLive: "I like playing video games, basketball, watching documentaries, I’m pretty versed, I got interests in a lot to be honest I try to be familiar with things that generate intellectual conversations."

Thirty Six Seven: "What’s the best part of being a producer in your own words bro? What makes you do what you do?"

KGoLive: "The best part is knowing you are a part of something that’s going to touch the masses. People are really out here casually cranking and enjoying my music, it probably helps them get through their day, that’s hard as fuck that I can make someone smile like that. I do what I do because I can do it. What’s going to stop me besides myself?"

Thirty Six Seven: "Any upcoming singles or projects? What can we expect in 2023?"

KGoLive: “LePearl James” & “Not Your Average Night” tapes in 2023 and maybe “Studio Killer 3” if I can find the right date for it, and you can probably expect my alter ego to drop too, singles and EP".


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