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When the production plane you chose to travel upon is more than just a working matter for you, things naturally tend to become EAZY in regards of contour & maneuvering aspects. This 26 year old PG County, Maryland veteran can attest to just that said!

The field of Professional Videographer work is not for the cheap or weak minded & after beating a sudden coma in his hectic life alongside many other adversities in the way Eazy has been able to make a name for himself & capture or edit footage of some very well established artist amongst the liking of Money Reekk, Lil Dude, Q Da Fool, Fat Trel, Lil Uzi, Young Manni, MoneyMan Biggs, Baby 9eno, Big Flock, LilBro Yp & Countless College/Social Events around the DMV area & beyond! Obtaining about close to around 270,000 + views total with any videos involving his name - racking in 188,388 of those total views alone from his main YouTube page!

Eazy has been building his portfolio for little over 6 to 7 years now ; starting his passion for camera workings with recording vlogs & lit parties based around the schools he attended at that time based back to as far as the late 9th grade, paired up with a eager drive to learn & network matched with skill & determination to mask up a well distributed Video curator able to adapt in any environments & create a visual masterpiece!

We typically don’t see web based interviews that give a inside look on Videographers & there come up as a curator in this game. Even though they are a key element to any artists success in this game today! & with being genuine supporters of Eazy & his dedication as a creator - knew this was the prefect candidate to start off our new article topic called “#BehindTheLense” giving supporters a different side of your upcoming Videographers!

I got the opportunity to learn more about Eazy & his journey as a videographer through these past couple years. Check out our interview below & make sure to follow Eazy on all platforms, links will be automated to the clickables below! - Thank you EazyFilmz for taking the time to conduct this article with us & with it being the first real piece of work typed out about the current moments in your career & personal options you have - we hope this article opens up more doors for networking in your future!




Thirty Six Seven: “We want to start off with the basic question of how old are you my guy? & what city/state were you born in or made you who you are?”

EazyFilmz: “I’m 26 years old & From PG County, Maryland.”

Thirty Six Seven: “How was your upbringing as a adolescent my guy?”

EazyFilmz: “My upbringing was good to keep it real with you. Good family behind me, good circle & support system.. everything good.”

Thirty Six Seven: “How did you Get the name EazyFilmz?”

EazyFilmz: “My real name starts with an “E” & my videos are high quality but easy to make.. to me at least.. plus my mans gave me the nickname eazy back in like 2014 - so that’s where EAZYFILMZ came from.”

Thirty Six Seven: “How did you start recording & how did you learn to edit/manage videos?”

EazyFilmz: “I started recording with a phone to shoot little vlogs around school in the 10th grade. I taught myself how to edit the videos i shot on “iMovie” & also did TV production class courses in 11th-12th grade ; got to college & made my name/logo - then around that same time period started recording parties going on at campus. The school was fucking with me & my videos so i started to go up & i took it from there.”

Thirty Six Seven: “So when do you decide to take your camera skills seriously?”

EazyFilmz: “I Started taking my camera skills seriously around my sophomore year of college. I started shooting the club events & school events around town, graduated a week later & ended up in a coma… woke up & didn’t touch a camera for close to around two whole years. The pandemic hit & i got in my bag & brought all new equipment, rebranded my company & it’s been up ever since.”

Thirty Six Seven: “When did you get your first camera & how did the process go for you?”

EazyFilmz: “I got my first camera in 2015 - it was a Nikon joint.. i don’t remember what kind though. I learned how to use Adobe Premier Pro in college & also taught myself Final Cut Pro after college.”

“The process of getting my own equipment wasn’t difficult just expensive to say the least. I had to stay down for a little to get the proper equipment. This field isn’t for the cheap at all.”

Thirty Six Seven: “What was your first major recording/editing placement? & what year did this occur?”

EazyFilmz: “My first major artist/s that i worked with we’re Fat Trel in 2016 & Lil Uzi Vert which was also around the year of 2016.”

“I Linked with Fat Trel through my Goodman HustlemanFatz & we did a interview together. I recorded/edited the whole process of that video. Then i linked with Lil Uzi Vert in college, when he came to my school “Frostburg State University” & did a concert."

"i was the camera man in charge of recording & editing the footage of the performance that night. Both of the videos are still on YouTube at this current moment.”


Thirty Six Seven: “What’s one thing you dislike about the game your in? What’s your pet peeve in This line of work?”

EazyFilmz: “One thing i dislike about this field of work is when my clients don’t properly plan or have a vision of what they want their video to look like. When we both are on the same page the video come out crazy every time.”

“Don’t get me wrong, i can take on the role of Creative Director & manage the video to its entirety; but if the client has an idea or vision that always a plus - when they lack that idea or vision that’s what I’d consider a pet peeve in this field.”

“Another pet peeve of mine’s is a artist that tries to low ball your work. This shit is a pure investment for your career as an artist, If you pay a low number you can’t expect your brand as an artist to grow - you got to pay to play.. like the more you spend the better the video will be most likely.”

Thirty Six Seven: “Can we get some names of artist & videographers you would like to collaborate with & haven’t yet?”

EazyFilmz: “Man I’m open to working with everybody & anybody. I’m not tied to all the drama going on behind the scenes in the game so if you trying to lock in for work let’s do it.”

“Networking can get you to your goal faster then just doing it by yourself ever will. Nobody ever did it by themselves so why would i limit myself? - But yeah all artist in the dmv & beyond let’s lock in & solidify the DMV on the map as a whole so that the real money starts coming in.”

“If We get the light shined on the dmv then the major labels are going take notice. Major labels bring major money. We all tryna be wealthy at the end of the day so if working together get us there why not? yeah I’m willing two work with everybody simple!”

Thirty Six Seven: “What has been your FAVORITE piece of work recorded or involved in thus far looking back at your catalog?”

EazyFilmz: “I’d say my favorite piece of work usually is the one I’m working on at the current moment.. I feel like every time i make something new it’s better than the last.”

Thirty Six Seven: “How did you end up getting the opportunity to edit the videos for Money Reek & Lil Dude?”

EazyFilmz: “My bro Directed By Four had a scheduled shoot with Lil Dude back in 2020 - he couldn’t make it so he asked me & another camera man named Bandit to shoot it. We pulled up, shot the video & locked in. The video still in the cut! We haven’t dropped it yet but it’s like that 🔥; It’s almost 2 years old now. The Money Reekk video i didn’t shoot - i just edited that one. But it’s out now at like 12k views i believe. #FreeMoneyReekk

Thirty Six Seven: “Have you ever had a scary or intense moment while recording a video? some of these places are dangerous to move around. How do you stay on your toes & watch your back?”

EazyFilmz: “Nah I never been in a scary or intense situation during a shoot.. Never been nervous either! - just got to stay aware at all times.. Some of the places are definitely dangerous but the artist who usually is a resident of that area always makes you feel comfortable. Plus we are not there all day & night.”

“ We chop it up, knock out the shoot, chop it up some more & then go about our day or night. Staying on my toes & watching my own back isn’t hard just got to stay tight. Have the right to legally own some shit & carry it. You shouldn’t have that many worries. Plus when you build a relationship with the artist you should become more comfortable.”

Thirty Six Seven: “Who are some other content creators you have worked with”

EazyFilmz: “I’ve workers with Directed By Four, Huncho Creations, Sj World Films. TNT Shot It, Omelly Productions & Bandit - so far!”

Thirty Six Seven: “When you aren’t holding a camera what other ventures do you dabble in?”

EazyFilmz: “When i don’t got the camera in my hands I’m working my normal 9-5 Man. Until my brand starts making me enough to live & save off of I’ll be working a 9-5 to help fund it., once my brand starts bringing in more than enough I’m done the 9-5”

Thirty Six Seven: “I know you want to be know for more than just music videos; so how do you plan on obtaining the public’s eye? what’s your plan do get notoriety ..“ - what makes you different EAZY? 🧠”

EazyFilmz: “ I’m trying to take this brand & see it on tv/movie theaters worldwide! I have been writing one show i have in mind since 2017.. it’s still not done but the goal is to get to the level of producing & directing tv shows/ movies”

“Eventually ima slow down with music videos & try to get these artist to tap into acting. Starting off small with little drama & skit series. Cool 7-10 minute episodes of stories I’ve created.”

“If dmv artist wants to be in it then let’s get to work. But I will definitely keep writing different scripts & network with people outside of just the dmv. It’s a lot of talent out here. A lot of actors & actresses that i don’t know of yet but will definitely be trying to link with soon.”

Thirty Six Seven: “Any upcoming project in the cut right now, or motions you working on? & a word of advice for any videographers or people looking into it.”

EazyFilmz: “I got a video with Double Back Draco in the cut, Lil Dude’s Murder Mayhem” in the cut too.. & some lil collaborations in the works, but to all the videographers & people looking into it.

Don’t be scared step out there cause your creativity is what can make you different. If your different you gonna stand out, You stand out ppl notice, if they notice you they will start to rush you & If you are willing to work hard & put in the work you are going to be successful.”

“This is industry that will never die out simply because music is always being made & always want to be entertained.”





Be sure to follow Eazy on all platforms & follow his journey. We appreciate him for taking the time to let us know more about himself & his upcoming path as a legendary camera curator


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