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CallUpTay - "Friends 3" #TheSagaGrows


A friend is someone you know, trust & can depend on in any situation that may occur in your span of being a physical entity. A person you can call or talk to & even rely on to ensure a state of mind. In this day & age, it's rare to form genuine bonds under pure intentions. So we maneuver accordingly & develop certain mentalities to maintain security. The industry is a place of trickery & deception. Still, when you find real connections & authentic people you can create art with, the possibilities are endless in this game! Legitimacy stands out & collaborations are critical elements in the progression of your craft. With that being said, you need real "FRIENDS 3". People you can be yourself within any creative process & who will keep it real with you!

CallUpTay: "FRIENDS 3 is Officially out!!!!! GO RUN THIS SHIT UP 🏧 MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR HERES MY PRESENT TO YOU FRIENDS 3 🏧 thank you to everyone who helped me put this together all the producers and all the amazing artist that helped me!!!"

Since 2016, CallUpTay has been building strong business connections via his excursion in the production scene, & has been able to draft up yet another masterpiece while on his continuous grind! The saga continues as Tay drops his third executively produced tape, "Friends 3" on Christmas day! A gift to not only himself but his growing support base & the people who he knows care about his craft! This 17-song, 34-minute project is a start to finish banger! Released under Tay's name & the "All That Matters" label. It features tracks with popular recording artists among the likes of Shawny Binladen, Big GLTAOW, Big Yaya, Chow Lee, Bay Swag, K Hus, Countup Lunz, LouGotCash & Cash Cobain, PGF Nuk, Aychell, Jussvon, Trealz, Fay Allure, R2R Moe, Lonny Love, Chinky Ly & Kadeo. With producer influences & collaborations including Cash Cobain, ChubbyElHefe, Tblossom, NattCarlos, Chris Meta, Dravidax, Tai Stunna, Rick Romero, Twizz, Miro, SliickSzn, T9C, 2MTurbo & CuBeatz. The cover art & official track-list art was designed by Tonijclaude.

CallUpTay: "I keep calling this shit friends but everyone on this mf like family 🏧 Love doing this shit every year. So here’s to FRIENDS a fire well made playlist curated and produced by yours truly Suge 🏧 with some of y’all favorite artist and or producers on this mf"

This tape hosts a variety of different sounds, samples & vibes that allow the listener to adapt while in whatever mood they are feeling at the time of listening to this project! For example, with track 11, "Stability (Remix)." Featuring Trealz & Fay Allure, giving you a love-loss type of vibe that you would listen to while contemplating a bond that was once strong but is now nothing more than a "what if?" or "what could be?".

Then you have track 6, "Dreamin." Which features the popular YTB recording artist Big Yaya, rapping over a fire sample drill instrumental co-produced by Tblossom based around Jay Z's classic hit "Encore." Tay & Blossom use the strong horn loop from this song to create an entirely new beat! Mixing Big Yaya's heavy-hitting wordplay & grinchster mentality to elude a track based around getting to the money, staying focused & not letting the oppositions get one up on you! Or even track 7 , "Dealt Wit'." featuring Chow Lee, Lonny Love & Cash Cobain; who are currently the leaders of a new "Sleazy Drill" wave & show the sexy side of a sound that's growing fast! Also mentioning the raw Chicago sound coming from PGF Nuk on track 15's "Don't Like"! The sample influence on this project is crazy within itself! including inspirations from Webbie's "Give Me That" to 50 Cent's "Wanksta"

Coming from the previous Friends 1 & 2 releases, Tay has shown nothing but growth & development in his dedication to the craft of instrumentals! He started this "Friends" Trilogy with his first project in 2019, an 8-track project that was released under no recording distributions attached. Followed by "Friends 2" being released in 2021 & now this project at the end of the 2022 year! Each tape grows in number, appearance, & personality with every song!


CallUpTay is becoming one of the most notarized entities within the producer lane of music & has no plans of stopping anytime soon! Everyone involved in this project has some form of connection with Tay & he shows nothing but love to the people & supporters who love him! Be sure to follow CallUpTay on all social platforms & tune into "Friends 3" out right now via all streaming platforms! We here at Thirty Six Seven look forward to watching Tay's progression in the year 2023 & his development as a high-end instrumental influence!


CallUpTay is in a producer collective called "ATM" & also associated with Dollhouse Records! Check out the team's Instagram below! Click Here to be directed to Tay's producer article from earlier this year!


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