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Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Whether it’s Production, Creative Direction, Fashion or Art this Boston, Massachusetts born producer has made sure to leave his mark on every area in the playing field! ; Becoming curious in the economics of production through the workings of watching YouTube videos based on talented Hip Hop / Rap producing curators cooking up some crazy beats via IRL studio sessions among the likes of Southside, Lex Luger & Young Chop but also implementing musical inspirations such as “Mannie Fresh” spanning all the way down to “The Alchemist”.

24 year old ZtOnTheBeat has been on everything & then some in his evolution to the production / creative directing hall of fame! With his heavy presence in the street & media activities but also incorporating his consistency in networking ZT has been able to lock in with some very creditable artist along the lines of Lil Yachty, Shawny Binladen, Baby Tron, YungManny, Big Yaya, Icewear Vezzo, 10Cellphones, Dee Aura, Sauce Walka, 30Mg Letto, WB Nutty, The A$AP MOB, Los, Four50 & More! - acquiring over 4,500,000 + streams / views platform wide! , gaining all this attention while living a Rockstar lifestyle!

ZT has steadily been building his credentials in the music scene for a while now, beginning his digression in production around the age of 14 ZT realized it wasn't so hard to start making beats as he thought it was & so he did exactly that ; even with having little to no musical background - he taught himself everything he knows, but his journey wasn't the easiest.. at times losing hope .. even thinking about giving up .. but passion over-rules depression!

While working on his upcoming debut project “Omertà” & also involving himself in ALL varieties of ventures , it seems like ZT has no time to rest! - he strives to make some type of pigment in his plans for expansion in any way possible! ; At the time of us conducting this article with ZT he was literally across the map in Los Angeles, California networking as he usually does - while enjoying the weather ; which makes this article even more special to us.

We wanted people to see a different side of ZT , he is more than just his beats & with this being his first major piece of self-noted discography to be put out to the public - we truly appreciate him for taking the time out of his day to structure this article with us - no matter what time zone he was in!

I got the opportunity to learn more about ZT & his journey as a producer through these past couple of years. As previously stated it wasn’t the easiest .. but a little motivation can go a long way! - Check out our interview below & make sure to follow ZT on all platforms, links will be automated to the clickables below!.


Thirty Six Seven: “iight so lets start off with the simple how old are you & where are you from my boy?”

ZtOnTheBeat: “I’m 24 yrs old & I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts but I moved to Flatbush in Brooklyn around 2018 & been living in NYC ever since”

Thirty Six Seven: “So when did you start your journey in production & how exactly did it come about?”

ZtOnTheBeat: “I started producing when I was like 14 - i was listening to Chief Keef & Waka Flocka & also use to watch these cook up videos of Southside, Lex Luger & Young Chop on YouTube. I saw how they were so young making beats with nothing but a laptop & I realized I could make beats too ; before that I never really saw myself doing anything musically to be honest - I was always into music but I never had a musical background.”

Thirty Six Seven: “Okay bro so you start your path in production - how did you get your stage name?”

ZtOnTheBeat: “One day my homie was freestyling, & he said “we got ZT on the beat” & that shit stuck with me ever since. My nickname been ZT for mad long that’s my initials - At the time mustard & young chop were two of the biggest producers out so the “on the beat” part just caught on.”

Thirty Six Seven: “iight so boom - fast forward, you lit & doing ya thing ; can you remember your first major placement?”

ZtOnTheBeat: “I’d say that my first major industry placement that came out was Lil Yachty & DC2Trill “Bar For Bar” - I’ve also done a lot of smaller underground workings & have gotten little label placements , but that was the first song that really made people start paying attention.

It came out last June about a year ago & gave me a lot more confidence in my career .. at one point I was really questioning whether I should keep going or just move out a year ago *my lease was about to be up*.”

Thirty Six Seven: “Who are some of your musical influences gang?”

ZtOnTheBeat: “Some of my musical inspirations are Kanye West, Mannie Fresh, The Alchemist, Madlib, Max B, Lil Wayne Young Chop, Lex Luger, Southside, Waka Flocka Flame & Chief Keef.”

Thirty Six Seven: “Speaking on all these artist ; who are some individuals you haven’t locked in with & would?”

ZtOnTheBeat: “Artists I would like to work with are Future, Chief Keef, Kendrick Lamar, 42 Dugg, Westside Gunn, Boldy James, Young Nudy”

Thirty Six Seven:” What’s your favorite track you produced or were involved in so far?”

ZtOnTheBeat: “most of my favorite tracks still have not been released publicly, but out of everything that dropped this last year I think “Wick Prayers” by Shawny Binladen is one of my favorites.

the beat is linked to a sample from one of my favorite Max B songs, the night Shawny recorded that I knew it was going to be on the album!, it’s a more soulful vibe than the rest of the project.”

Thirty Six Seven: ”As a producer, what is one thing you don’t like about the game? ; what should be cancelled ?

ZtOnTheBeat: “I feel like a lot of producers don’t have enough respect for the game, we got to study greatness & appreciate the legends that paved the way for our generation not disrespect them. I feel like a lot of people are just into what’s popping at the moment & don’t really study the music itself but that’s what being a producer is really about & it will help you find your sound.

As a producer I feel like there’s not enough respect for music producers right now either we get left out of the credits or shorted bread a lot but they will always tag the videographer & pay them. If you not in the studio in person these artists really don’t even think about the producer.. it’s crazy lol I think it’s becoming more & more difficult to make a career off strictly making beats which is sad.

the era of getting paid big checks for beats is kind of over with YouTube type beats. It’s pretty overly saturated right but if you got a unique sound I feel like you’ll always be able to stand out.

Thirty Six Seven: “Who are some artist that are in your rotation right now? What you been bumping lately gang?.”

ZtOnTheBeat: “I been listening to mad Detroit shit Babyface Ray, Los & Nutty, G.T., Prince Jefe, Bandgang Lonnie & I’m out here in LA right now so I got to play some Drakeo & 03 Greedo.”

Thirty Six Seven: “We feel like virally - YungManny's “You Can’t Stop The Rain” is your biggest hit - how did that track come about?”

ZtOnTheBeat: “The story behind “You Cant Stop The Rain” is crazy - So I made that beat in a session for “Jokes Up / Runtz“ the cannabis brand & one of their artists wanted a feature with Shawny Binladen incorporating the sample from “BMF”. I already had the song downloaded because I fuck with the Max B‘s version “Reign” so I chopped it up with my brother Nu Reign from Texas & made the beat on the spot in the studio.

I knew that shit was a hit as soon as we made the beat we were listening to the beat smoking Runtz for like half an hour after it was done. The artist ended up not recording on it that night & he wanted adjustments to the beat *like speeding it up* so I sent it to YungManny that same week & he did a TikTok the next day after he recorded on the beat & it went viral.

A girl I was fucking with at the time sent me a link to a TikTok with 40,000 likes & 4,000,000 + views because she recognized the beat from my Instagram story earlier in the week. crazy because I hadn’t even heard the song till it was already hot on TikTok!.”

Thirty Six Seven: “What other ventures do you partake in when beats are to the side?.”

ZtOnTheBeat: “I’m into fashion & art - I want to try to bridge the art, fashion & music world more .. I’ve also been working on my brand & doing some creative direction for my upcoming projects ; I’m working on my debut project “Omertà” featuring a lot of the artists I work with from NYC, Detroit, NJ & Etc. -

Also doing the art, visuals & production for everything I dropped including two singles already out “No More Parties In NY” & “Mamacita (Detox) ; I got a lot of industry shit coming soon too .. just trying to level my sound up & start doing more major records.”

Thirty Six Seven: “What’s your favorite part of being a producer gang ; what motivates you to wake up & make a new beat?.”

ZtOnTheBeat: “I feel like one of the biggest things that has kept me going through all the bullshit is finding artists who really resonate with my beats & building a sounds together, it’s a lot of ups & downs but being able to make music with some of the artists I listen to everyday & helping develop newer artists keeps me inspired to stay making hot shit it’s not about who’s popping right now to me it’s about the music & I try to work with people who I really listen to.

I could be having a stressful day & I hit the studio with Shawny Binladen or Big Yaya & they’ll say some shit on my beat that speaks to what I’m going through or be hype over a new beat I cooked up - this shit more than music to me , a lot of the music I listen to keeps me motivated & focused to wake up & get to it.“

Thirty Six Seven: “What do you want to be known for?.”

ZtOnTheBeat: “ I want to be known for making music that inspire kids to go out & get a check .. not crash out, motivational shit.”

Thirty Six Seven: “Give a message to the people! - Something motivating or a word of advice to the people reading your article.”

ZtOnTheBeat: “There’s no shortcuts to success if you want something you got to set goals & put in the work, I’m far from where I want to be but I’m blessed to be able to wake up & make music.

Stay humble & keep it real .. be a man of your word & you will go far in this industry it’s so much fake shit being real will get you further than any snake shit or clout chasing, you never know who’s watching or when your break will be, keep grinding & remember why you’re doing this no matter what."


Be sure to follow ZT on all platforms & watch his journey. We appreciate him for taking the time to let us know more about himself & his upcoming path as a legendary producer / fashion & arts curator.


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