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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Does the term “Better Late Than Never” sound familiar to you?, see this is one of the many things we here at Thirty Six Seven love about music. No matter what line in time you discover a song or album , if you have never heard it before - it’s new to you .. it has no true age! - & with this project being released on all platforms around October 10, 2021 ; I can say this article is a little behind the race, but don't count us out - this album right here is a timeless piece of work!


23 year old , Chicago born Producer / Industry Representative Taliban Mari links up with one of the DMV’s hottest Producer / Rapper phenom’s Cheecho to establish an executively produced album on his own accordance.


which is a little abnormal because Cheecho himself is a well known producer! A whole tape produced for a producer is crazy ; as Cheecho could easily open his laptop & contour a hit like he usually does!

Traveling back & forth from Atlanta to Chicago & hearing Waka Flocka Flame’s “O Let’s Do It“ on the radio - Mari knew he wanted to do something involving music. So he decided to ask his mother & father if they could buy him a “Maschine Mikro“ beat machine around 2013. Unfortunately less than a year later Mari’s Grandmother passed away from cancer.

Shortly after this Mari started spiraling downhill in a deep depression robbing, hanging out around the wrong crowd, dealing with drugs & etc .. just all round going down the wrong road in life .. but after awhile, Mari came to a sudden realization that the path he was going down would only show him a undeniable demise.

Realizing this Mari decided to change his life & take production seriously. Then his homie Kam gave him a cracked version of FL studio & he has been using the pirated program ever since, buying it legally later on.

“Shot by Hadley Dye”


Later down the line, while working at a #1 studio in Atlanta named “Loud House Studios“ he met DMV Producer / Rapper Cheecho in a unusual place.

A year or two into Mari getting his gig at Loud House, around 2020 or early 2021 - he was hungry one day & went to get some food at a spot called “Harold’s Chicken” *Originally from Chicago* located off of Edgewood with his good friend Astro.

Unknowingly running into Cheecho at the same location - Mari had on his Loud House apparel ; a hoodie to be exact .. & seeing this Cheecho actually asked him if he had worked up there - Cheecho who was at the time accompanied by his manager.

Mari already having a ear of who Cheecho was around this time because he was big on listening to all type of music , decided to commend Cheecho on his work ethic stating he’s heard of him & actually has listened to some of the songs he’s produced .. basically letting Cheecho know he was raw & that he made a whole sound for his city, & ever since the two have been locked in!

Not really remembering the full process of developing this tape Mari says he can remember wanting to start this project based off a single that was already establish between him & Cheecho that was called “Penitentiary” & since then it was nothing but recording Cheecho late nights in the studio being labeled his consistent engineer at that time period.

Shot by Hadley Dye”


Then Cheecho needed some more beats one day, so he asked Mari if he had any & after all the recordings the two established together they had about 3 - 4 songs that weren’t on any of Cheecho’s other projects - so Mari recommended they do a tape together.

Taking him close to around 3 or 4 months to fully complete this project - & Mari also being a studio manager at the time ; the process of this tape was almost like a blur.. he would literally be in the midst of managing a studio session & then right after the session was completed Cheecho would call him suddenly like “let’s record, you got sum beats for me? I know you got that hot shit.

Mari does remember special moments like the time he was recording 5% in the studio with Cheecho & his camera man @themusiccinema pulled up to work on the penitentiary music video in the same session that night ; talk about work ethic! - to many goats in one room.

Stating that “Working with Cheecho is serious business. we not goofing around when we in the studio ; we gone laugh crack a few jokes here & there but this shit serious... & he definitely gone tell me if the beats I choose to show him are trash or if it’s that hot shit lol.”


This 5 track-list tape has little to no other curators besides Cheecho & Mari himself, with only 3 specials collaborators being LondnBlue, Spydasmix & CakeBoyBally on production credits - noting some engineering assistance from Juice Engineering aka Loud House Juice“ - this young Chicago native made sure to leave no loose ends on this opportunity he was given.


Mari’s Favorite Track On This Tape Is “John Wick”!


Taliban Mari: “How I made the beat to “John Wick” was crazy. I was in a uber when i made it, It was my auntie‘s or uncle’s birthday .. I don’t recall but, we had a big ass Air BNB with the the whole family & they were all about to go out to the club .. i was deciding on if I should go or not. I ended up being like “nah I'll just stay in the house & work on some beats” I hit the studio later that night to.”

I was talking to my cousin Jeremiah & mind you it’s like .. 1 or 2 am, & Cheecho calls me. He was like “Come record“, but here’s the thing. I’m all the way in Lithonia - which is like 40 minutes away from the studio in Atlanta we were recording at.

I had to uber there & I didn’t even have enough money on my card to get back to the studio so Cheecho paid for the uber, & on my way back I'm making beats in the back of the uber. I made like 2 or 3 & one of them was the “John Wick” beat."

When Mari isn’t making beats he tries to dabble into many different ventures. He’s currently touching on his other skills as well - he has industry experience in the elements of Artist Management / Development, Marketing, Event Coordinating & Videography. You can also see him just resting & catching a vibe, going out to eat or trying some ideas - but always keeping networking as a top priority!

“Shot by Hadley Dye”

Be sure to stream ”Hunters Speaking” out now on all steaming platforms & be on the Look out for Taliban Mari's studio vlog - coming out soon - & will be documented on here as well!


Penitentiary Video - 5% Video - Free Gbaby 2 Video - Soundcloud - Apple - Spotify - Instagram - Twitter- YouTube

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