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StuntTheProducer - "Stop The Practice" #MixedBySTP

Let's start this article by wishing you, as the reader, a happy new year! We hope you had a grand celebration in fourth with the recent comings & you take advantage of the year ahead! To start this January with a bang, StuntTheProducer has decided to drop his first all-platform-released album, "Stop The Practice." This 12-song, 20-minute project has been released in collaboration with the Grinchset collective under the "2023 WCF The Label" foundation. Stunt, who you may also know as MixedBySTP, is a Rec/Mixing Engineer who does most of the work for famous queens artist Shawny Binladen, who you can spot on this project - alongside Big Yaya, C Black, Big GLTAOW, Lil Dude, Four50, Melly Migo, K$upreme, MHG Dell & MHG Zaya. With some producer collaborations from Animism, ChubbyElHefe & a few other crazy producers! Stunt is involved with every song on this tape, whether it was his recording or mixing the track to even developing the beats!

Artwork By MarzMoneyDesigns

Artwork By MarzMoneyDesigns

This project is an excellent way for Stunt to capitalize on the success he has been receiving behind the scenes of his grind. He has been involved with some of the hottest tracks coming out of NYC & then some! Locking in with artists like Shawny Binladen, Curly Savv, C Blu, Bizzy Banks, Lil Dude, 22gz, Rich Dunk, Four50, Big GLTAOW, Big Yaya, Nas Blixky, Fivio Foreign, K$upreme, Melly Migo, Rai Smith & more!

MixedBySTP: "HAPPY NEW YEAR “STOP THE PRACTICE” OUT NOW GO RUN IT UP #wcfthelabel 🚧👹🚧👹#bigqueens #mixedbystp"

The versatility StuntTheProducer shows in this project is highly mentionable. Stunt took the time to compile many songs rendered under his wing & gave the streets something fresh for the 2023 playlist! This tape host an awesome vibe for the aux rotation &, will have the car bumping! So far, one of our favorites from this project is track 8, "Watch Yo Top," featuring Lil Dude & Big GLTAOW. It shows two different cultures of rap coming together on one song - Lil Dude with his heavy-hitting DMV created sound alongside Big GLTAOW & his grinch mentality! Then you have tracks 3 & 10 "Bright & Early" & "Face Count" featuring Four50 and his insane delivery as he flows effortlessly over a hard-hitting instrumental! You also have the Woodhull Babies MHG Zaya & Dell on track 11 with "2 DEEP." Alongside a couple of other tracks, you must hear for yourself to understand!

Overall, this is not only a dope project, but a great start to what has already been a monumental stride for StuntTheProducer. This may be the first all platform project under his name, but his catalog dates back to some hits you don't even know! Be sure to follow Stunt on all of his social media platforms & stream the latest project, "Stop The Practice." Currently on all streaming services! We look forward to hearing the tracks Stunt will provide us in 2023!


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