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Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Braezonday teases his debut album “Trappin‘ All Day” currently OUT NOW!, with tons of special appearances including Four50, Lil Dude, Keezah, Slimesito, Cruddy Murda, Tae Dawg, Since99, Shawny Binladen, Kayvo, SixgodIcy, K$upreme, Melly Migo, Corey St. Rose, Baby Osama, Huncho Ki, RosayTheArtist, Tr1pt, Kasher Quon, Lvndon, Mish, Rockett, Surge & Loco Crim.

Following up with production collaborations from the likes of Sparkheem, Mannyvelli, Mingo, Drowzzy, SK, Brodinski, Yung Glizzy, BiggBossButta, Villa & King Deno this album will definitely be a highlight in Braezon's career - 23 tracks of straight fire!


With his official cover art created by LoudBoyPo & assistance from his good friend Dravidax on all tweaks needed, Braezon compiles a hefty list of songs & finally feels its time to release his debut album to the streets!

Born in New Jersey but moving at the age 6 & growing up in Saylorsburg, PA. In the Poconos until the age of 19, & now currently being 25 - turning 26 in August. Braezonday got acclimated in music to actually write my his own lyrics & when he heard Travis Scott used logic in an old interview he decided to stick with it since he’s one of his biggest inspirations artist wise. With his production inspirations being ChaseTheMoney, DRAVIDAX, Just Blaze, BiggBossButta & Yung Glizzy just to name a few of them.

Braezon stated this album took him around 2 years to fully complete, give or take a couple of months in the process. The first year he attempted to try & put his debut album out thing didn’t go as planned & long story short.. it fell apart... after some time, around the next year or so, he accrued a decent amount of placements that he was genuinely proud of but had never been album press-rolled, this time he was “fully loaded“ - hence why the project is a 23 song piece of work.

Even having to cut off songs he really enjoyed just to release his first major piece of work, & with the help of his friend & fellow producer Dravidax to compose this album, after about 50 tweaks & rough drafts they finally got it as right as I felt they could get it!

Having a good friend in high school who had Logic on their computer & was trying to make dubstep. Braezon pirated Logic & basically taught himself over the next 7 years he has been producing. Eventually being able to buy Logic. It took a LOT of trial & error to get him where he is today. With a lot of persistence & making beats as a therapeutic escape from the world, whether it’s an Afro Beat or a gruesome, dark or trappy type beat.

As previously stated, with this being Braezon's first all platform release based album - he made sure to go all out, not leaving any stone unturned! - He also has a YouTube channel where he uploads beats regularly. Make sure to be on the look out for "Trappin' All Day" OUT NOW! & follow Braezonday on all social platforms!


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