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Yellow Tape Boyz Big GLTAOW has just recently hit 1,000,000+ streams on his debut project “The Biggest Baby” which was released last year around December 27, 2021 - a 12 track project that involved many special appearances along the lines of his fellow Yellow Tape members Shawny Binladen, Four50 & Big Yaya, Grinchn4$ & Leeky G Bando ; including the popular tracks “Yellow Of Roses” & “My Everything”.

In lieu of this special achievement occurring Big GLTAOW has decided to release a single on all platforms for his supporters titled “Blastin” produced by the infamous NattCarlos & C-Dot ; you can never go wrong with these two locking in on a track & with C-Dot adding his special touches this song proves just that - offering the listener hard hitting punchlines with a crazy bass behind it!


Big GLTAOW’s most recent project “FORCE” being released to all steaming platforms on May 16th of this year - a 13 track project that included some crazy features from the Yellow Tape Boyz & Woodhull Baby MHG Dell ; setting off some crazy steam in the streets -

Then the last album before that “The Biggest Baby Deluxe” being released last year around December 27, 2021 - which was a add on to his debut project that we preciously iterated just recently racked up 1,000,000 streams clearly rolling the stone to a frivolous rap career.

This was a 14 track project that consisted of some some very credible names for appearances along the lines of Lil Dude, K$upreme, His Fellow Yellow Tape Members Four50, Big Yaya, Shawny Binladen & Melly Migo.

To now steadily releasing singles along with music video's & even being spotted on guest appearances for other upcoming artist - Big GLTAOW's work ethic will only pivot him to higher tier than others around!

With the change of his original moniker which started his excursion in the rap game “Big Baby” to the now “Big GLTAOW” - it is only evident that this curator wanted to stand out from the average crowd - as the name “Big Baby” can easily be mistaken for other entities, but you can’t steal this name. “GLTAOW” is one of the signature adlibs for this Woodhull Ave diplomat & you can hear him say it in almost every song ; as it is his stamp to let you know he is on the track!


G L T A O W!

This name change was more than a perfect fit for him & his development as a artist in this game.. it basically leveled him up & with keeping his foot on the gas Big GLTAOW is making sure to keep the dialogue loud & clear for all new fans & returning supporters who are in tuned to his craft! - With us being in the middle of this 2022 year we are more than positive the streets will be blessed with more heat!




Be sure to stream "Blastin" out right now on all streaming platforms, produced by NattCarlos - & also stream his latest album "Force' alongside every other song in his discography! ; make sure to follow Big GLTAOW on all social media's & stay tuned into the next updates. Links to GLTAOW's platforms below!


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